Vesicular Stomatitis


Vesicular Stomatitis: No Outbreaks In 1999?

September 24, 1999

According to veterinarians, there are two possible reasons why there have been no reported cases of equine vesicular stomatitis (VS) this year. The first possible reason is that there is actually no disease occuring, the second, is that there... Read More


Colorado Declared VS Free

February 19, 1999

Three formerly VS positive premises located in Larimer County, Colorado, were released from quarantine during the week ending Jan. 22, 1999. A new investigation in El Paso County, Colorado, was determined to be negative.... Read More


AAEP Convention 1998 Wrap-Up

February 01, 1999

Wonder where your veterinarian was the first week in December? If he or she is at the top of the game as an equine practitioner, you probably could find him or her enjoying the weather in Baltimore, Md., site of the 44th American Association of... Read More


The State Of Kentucky Declares VS All-Clear

January 29, 1999

Effective today (January 25, 1999), the Kentucky Department of Agriculture has removed Colorado from he list of States affected with Vesicular Stomatitis. There are currently no states considered by the Kentucky Department of... Read More


Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Update

January 08, 1999

Colorado reported one new vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) investigation during the week ending Jan. 8, 1999. This new investigation and one investigation formerly pending were both negative. One formerly positive premises located in... Read More


VS Update -- 12/24//98

December 31, 1998

Colorado reported no new VS investigations during the week ending December 24, 1998. Two formerly VS positive premises were released from quarantine, one each in Larimer and Weld counties. Five positive VS premises remain... Read More


VS Update 11/21/98

November 30, 1998

The news on the VS outbreak is good according to the USDA. As of November 21, 1997, Utah had four counties with positive cases of VS, Colorado had seven counties, Arizona had one county, and New Mexico had four... Read More


VS Update -- 11/13/98

November 20, 1998

Colorado reported one new VS investigation during the week ending November 13, 1998, which was positive. The positive premises was located in Larimer County. No additional positive premises were found. Ten premises formerly... Read More


VS Update As Of 10/30/98

November 06, 1998

Colorado reported two new investigations during the week ending October 30, 1998, both of which are pending. Six formerly VS infected premises were removed from quarantine, four of these were located in Weld County and one... Read More


VS Update As Of 10/16/98

October 30, 1998

Colorado reported eight new investigations during the week ending October 16, 1998, of which three were VSV positive premises. Two of these premises were located in Larimer County and one in Weld County. Five formerly VSV... Read More


VS Update As Of 10/09/98

October 16, 1998

Colorado reported nine new investigations during the week ending October 9, 1998, of which five were VSV positive premises. In addition, four previous investigations were reported VSV positive premises. These nine premises... Read More


VS Update 10/05/98

October 09, 1998

As of October 5, 1998, Arizona has been removed from Kentucky's list of embargoed states. Arizona was removed based on information received from the Arizona State Veterinarian's Office and the USDA indicating that Arizona is... Read More


VS Update 10/06/98

October 09, 1998

Arizona reported no new VS investigations during the week ending October 2, 1998, and one pending case was negative. Arizona has no premises under quarantine for VS.

Colorado reported 11 ne... Read More


VS Update 9/08/98

September 11, 1998

Arizona reported no changes in its status during the week ending September 4, 1998. Two VSV positive premises remain under quarantine.

Colorado reported eighteen new VSV investigations... Read More


VS Update 7/28/98

July 31, 1998

Colorado became a case positive state on July 23, 1998, with the isolation of VSV, Indiana strain, from a horse on a premises located in Boulder County. Nine additional investigations were reported, six of which were positive for VSV. There were... Read More


New Mexico Announces Detection Of Vesicular Stomatitis

May 23, 1998

As of May 18, two horses in New Mexico have been diagnosed with vesticular stomatitis (VS). The virus (Indiana type) was isolated from one horse on a premises in Otero County, New Mexico. Another horse on the same... Read More


VSV Might Be Useful For Humans

April 03, 1998

Yale University lab researchers recently modified the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) to kill HIV-infected human cells. Even better, the human VSV left the human cells unharmed. Such a treatment might swiftly stop HIV... Read More


VS Update 12/19/97

December 19, 1997

The good news continues for the second week of December concerning vesicular stomatitis. The USDA expects that by mid-January the last premises on which VS appeared will be released from quarantine. For a complete map of states with positive cases... Read More


VS Update 11/21/97

November 21, 1997

As of November 14, 1997, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico still have positive cases of vesicular stomatitis. Utah has four counties with positive cases, Colorado has ten, New Mexico has four, and Arizona has one. For a complete listing of... Read More


AHC Convention 1997

August 01, 1997

Welfare. Regulation. Legislation. Disease prevention. These are the issues facing horse owners at all levels, and these are the issues that the American Horse Council tackled at its annual convention. These items not only affect horse owners on... Read More