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The Scale Says...

Ended 3/5/2013 with 1386 Votes

How much does your horse weigh?
(If you own more than one horse, choose the range in which the majority of your horses weigh.)
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Proper Dosing

Ended 2/26/2013 with 1072 Votes

When using a paste product dosed by weight you:
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Eye Issues

Ended 2/19/2013 with 488 Votes

What equine eye issue are you most concerned about?
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Arthritis on a Budget

Ended 2/12/2013 with 693 Votes

How important is budget when considering how you'll treat arthritis in your horses?
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Disposal Options

Ended 2/5/2013 with 1035 Votes

What plans do you have in place for disposing of deceased horses?
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GMO-free Feed Ingredients

Ended 1/29/2013 with 608 Votes

How important are GMO-free (genetically modified organism free) ingredients in your equine supplements and horse feed?
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NSAIDs & Your Horse

Ended 1/22/2013 with 866 Votes

How often does your horse receive a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)?
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Orphan Foals

Ended 1/15/2013 with 682 Votes

Have you ever raised an orphan foal?
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Horsey New Year!

Ended 1/8/2013 with 353 Votes

Do you make horse-related New Year's resolutions?
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Horsey Holiday Celebrations

Ended 12/31/2012 with 460 Votes

Do you include your horses in your holiday festivities?
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Young Horses

Ended 12/25/2012 with 1250 Votes

When was the last time you owned a young (0-3 years old) horse?
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Selecting Foal Gender

Ended 12/18/2012 with 849 Votes

If you had the option of selecting the sex of your future foal through sex-sorted stallion semen, would you?
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Bitting Decisions

Ended 12/11/2012 with 1374 Votes

What type of bit do you use on your horse?
(Choose your most-used)
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Ready for Winter?

Ended 12/4/2012 with 1287 Votes

How do you winterize your horses and barn?
(Check all that apply)
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Horses and Holidays

Ended 11/27/2012 with 1265 Votes

How do your horses impact your Thanksgiving holiday plans?
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Blind Horse Care

Ended 11/20/2012 with 656 Votes

Have you ever cared for a partially or completely blind equid?
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NSAID Administration

Ended 11/13/2012 with 905 Votes

Do you ever administer nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) such as phenylbutazone to your horse(s) without veterinary assessment?
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Battle the Outbreak

Ended 11/6/2012 with 667 Votes

What steps have you taken to protect your horse during the recent West Nile virus (WNV) outbreak?
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Too Close for Comfort

Ended 10/30/2012 with 211 Votes

Have you (or someone you know) ever had a horse contract West Nile virus?
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Routine Vaccination?

Ended 10/23/2012 with 183 Votes

How often do you vaccinate your horse for West Nile virus?
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The Best Defense

Ended 10/16/2012 with 403 Votes

What steps do you take to protect your horse from West Nile virus?
(Select all that apply)
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Threat? Or Harmless?

Ended 10/9/2012 with 175 Votes

Do you view West Nile virus as a threat to your horse?
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A Pain in the Hock

Ended 10/2/2012 with 157 Votes

Do you currently treat and/or supplement your horse for hock pain or injury?
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Tumor Troubles

Ended 9/25/2012 with 124 Votes

Which type of tumors are most concerning to you?
(Please choose one)
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Shoes vs. Barefoot

Ended 9/18/2012 with 324 Votes

Do you keep your horses horses shod or barefoot?
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