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Age of Your Horse

Ended 8/14/2012 with 384 Votes

In what age category do most of your horses fit?
(Select the top two age categories.)
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Choosey Chews

Ended 8/7/2012 with 255 Votes

What kind of feed do you use for your horses in addition to hay or other forage?
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Functional Footing

Ended 7/31/2012 with 228 Votes

What kind of footing do you ride on?
(Learn about footing research in our July 2012 issue.)
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Tick Troubles

Ended 7/24/2012 with 187 Votes

Which tick-borne disease is most concerning to you?
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Omega Additives

Ended 7/17/2012 with 217 Votes

Do you actively manage and balance the omega fatty acid ratio your horse consumes?
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Safety During Fireworks

Ended 7/10/2012 with 264 Votes

How do you keep your horses safe and settled while 4th of July fireworks are going off?
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Are You My Horse?

Ended 7/3/2012 with 336 Votes

What methods do you use to identify your horse?
(Check all that apply)
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Scary Mother Nature

Ended 6/26/2012 with 237 Votes

What potential natural disaster are you most concerned about?
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Preparing for Natural Disasters

Ended 6/19/2012 with 209 Votes

In your opinion, what is the most important part of your natural disaster plan?
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Mighty Mosquito Diseases

Ended 6/12/2012 with 190 Votes

Which mosquito-borne equine disease is most concerning to you?
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Treatment Experiences with EPM

Ended 6/5/2012 with 121 Votes

If you've had a horse diagnosed with EPM, did you feel the initial treatment was successful?
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EPM: What's Important to You?

Ended 5/29/2012 with 141 Votes

When selecting an EPM treatment product, what is most important to you?
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Administering EPM Meds

Ended 5/22/2012 with 195 Votes

How would you prefer to administer an EPM treatment product to your horse?
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EPM Treatments

Ended 5/15/2012 with 79 Votes

If you have used an EPM treatment product, what influenced your decision to purchase that product?
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Experience with EPM?

Ended 5/8/2012 with 357 Votes

Have you ever had a horse treated for EPM?
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Weight Watchers

Ended 5/1/2012 with 581 Votes

How do you restrict your horse's grass intake during the spring?
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House Call

Ended 4/24/2012 with 721 Votes

How often does your veterinarian make farm visits?
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DIY Vaccinations?

Ended 4/17/2012 with 748 Votes

How do you vaccinate your horse?
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DIY Vaccinations?

Ended 4/17/2012 with 1 Votes

How do you vaccinate your horse?
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Hauling Off-Property

Ended 4/10/2012 with 628 Votes

With fuel prices rising, how often do you haul your horse off-property to ride?
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Anti-Anxiety Products

Ended 4/3/2012 with 460 Votes

When selecting an anti-anxiety/behavior-modification product for your horse, what is most important to you?
(Select all that apply)
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Who Do You Trust?

Ended 3/27/2012 with 457 Votes

Where do you turn for behavioral advice about your horse?
(Choose the best answer)
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Stress Relief

Ended 3/20/2012 with 470 Votes

Do you use any products to help relax your horse during stressful situations?
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Stressful Situations

Ended 3/13/2012 with 503 Votes

What situations does your horse find stressful?
(Select all that apply)
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Accurate Relief?

Ended 3/6/2012 with 507 Votes

Have you used acupuncture as a means of pain relief for your horse?
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