A Love for Horses

Readers recently shared photos and stories of special horses in their lives.

That Special Horse

In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked our readers to share photos and stories about special horses in their lives. Here are a few of their stories.

Photo: iStock


"Her name is Po-ni," said Bill Stroud. "She will be 19 this year. We met when she was 5 months old. She knew me at first sight and we have been trusting partners ever since. She is fearless and intelligent. Our bond is a rare one. We are soulmates and have made many memories."

Photo: Bill Stroud


"This is Calvin," said Gerri Gallo. "On Valentine's Day we will celebrate three years together. He is an endless source of entertainment, be it his love of the sprinkler on a hot day or his chasing the other horses around the paddock till they they've had enough and chase him away. I love watching him. He can act crazy at times but he is lovable and I'm glad he is mine."

Photo: Gerri Gallo


"I knew he was a great horse immediately, but we weren't supposed to keep him," said Suzanne Strickland Stern. "He could have been a children's hunter or some lucky little girl's Black Beauty, but instead he's this middle-aged lady's best boy. Eddie's not perfect, but he's perfect for me!"

Photo: Suzanne Strickland Stern


"This is my super sensitive darling Dutch gelding Clarentino," said Louise Snellmann. "He came into my possession two years ago after being hauled around for sale to different buyers, but no one wanted him. He was too fragile in his body and soul. He has taught me everything worth knowing about horses. He never gives up his desire to be understood by humans and uses head, neck, tail, or whatever part of his body to point out what he wants me to know, see, or hand him."

Photo: Louise Snellman


"Mia (Downgate Goldstrike) is my Quarter Horse mare," said Christine Lee. "She is cutting-bred, but I have never trained her for cutting. My daughter Nikki, who is riding her in this picture, decided to train her dressage. She entered Mia in her first competition after only seven lessons. Mia and Nikki came third in a field of 24. I'm really proud of them both and love my little mare to bits."

Photo: Christine Lee

"A Nifty Dealer"

"This girl stole my heart the first day we met," said Sarah Blackmore. "She is my once-in-a-lifetime horse. She has given me a beautiful baby boy and has taught me so much on our journey together. She was born in Saskatchewan on a PMU farm and traveled across the country and is now in her forever home in Chester, Nova Scotia."

Photo: Sarah Blackmore


"Ms. Annie-Belle is a Percheron-Morgan cross with a heart of gold," said Michelle Noffze. "She's the first one to the gate to greet anyone new, comes bolting across the 20-acre pasture if you sing 'You are My Sunshine,' and cannot resist a good scratch on the ears or the chance to carry a giggly grandbaby on her back. She is all that, and a bag of chips!"

Photo: Michelle Noffze


"This is me and my very special mare, Ayla," said Anne Blue. "My dad helped me buy her after not having a horse of my own for 22 years while my husband was active duty Navy. He bought me my first horse when I was in the fourth grade. My dad passed away in July 2005. I have a bond with this mare like I've never had with any other horse."

Photo: Anne Blue

"High Hand Rosie"

"I met my Appaloosa mare High Hand Rosie when she was an unbroke 3-year old that would not let anybody but me close to touch her," said Conny Riedel. "Within a week she switched ownership and has been with me ever since then. She moved with me from Germany to Utah and then to Texas and gave me two beautiful foals, which are also still with me. Twenty years young now, she is going strong and will be with me until the day she will have to cross the Rainbow Bridge."

Photo: Conny Riedel


"My Starlight will be 30 in April," said Linda Sue Hayter. "I've had her since she was 8 months old. My sweet old girl!"

Photo: Linda Sue Hayter

"Embers Magic"

"This is Embers Magic," said Susan Deming. "He chose me when he was a month old. Our bond is inseparable. He is my shadow, the love of my life, and the keeper of treasures (my grandkids)."

Photo: Susan Deming