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Convention Report

Horse Management

General management topics were discussed at the 2007 AAEP convention: poisoning, dentistry, acupuncture & more

Convention Report

Nutrition Update

Nutrition topics from the 2007 AAEP Convention included endocrine disorders, feeding tips, and more.

Special Report

Anatomy and Physiology: Complete Series

A complete guide to the anatomy and physiology of the horse, with illustrations and practical applications.

Special Report

Body Builders: Muscles

Part of the equine anatomy series, see how equine muscles function and are nourished as well as some problems.

Special Report

The Equine Digestive System: Food Factory

Understanding the equine digestive system can make your horse healthier and give you fewer worries.

Convention Report

Veterinary News and Awards

A recap of the veterinary news and awards from the 2006 AAEP convention in San Antonio, TX.

Convention Report

Obese Horses

Experts at the 2006 AAEP Convention discussed equine obesity in depth.

Convention Report

The Latest on Lameness

The latest research in prevention and treatment of lameness in horses, presented at the 2006 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report

Muscle Disorders

Topics relating to muscle disorders, including diagnostics, covered at the 2006 AAEP Convention.

Convention Report

Horse Management and Care

Management topics at the 2006 AAEP Convention included numerous tips for keeping older horses healthy.

Special Report

Feeding to Prevent and Control Disease

Various equine diseases can be caused and/or cured by using specific feeding regimens.

Special Report

Body Condition Score: Back to Basics

A horse’s body condition score can tell a lot about his overall well-being; how does your horse weigh in?

Special Report

Equine Body Condition Score Poster

Descriptions and illustrations of body condition scores for horses based on the Henneke body condition scale.

Special Report

Underweight and Overactive

Suggestions for putting weight on thin and overactive horses.

Special Report

Latest on the Omegas

The question: If omega-3 fatty acids benefit human health, can they provide similar benefits for horses?

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