Training Equine Athletes for Health, Fitness, and Longevity

Find out how a vet would train a horse from a Grand Prix dressage trainer, clinician, and veterinarian.

Have you ever wondered how a veterinarian would train and develop a horse? Find out from a veterinarian who’s also a Grand Prix dressage trainer and clinician. No matter your discipline, get your questions about fitness, muscle development, and sport- and stress-related injuries in the equine athlete. You can also find more information about keeping your equine athlete healthy with our 10 Resources on Maintaining Performance Horse Health

About the Experts

Tina Steward, DVM

Tina Steward, DVM, is a veterinarian, chiropractor, and dressage trainer. Based in Oregon, Steward travels extensively giving dressage clinics from Training Level through Grand Prix and presenting seminars on equine anatomy, gaits, and soundness. She brings a unique understanding of muscle development and biomechanics to a classical approach to horse training. As a practicing veterinarian Steward also offers prepurchase and lameness consultations.