Poll Recap: Barn Wear Splurges

Of the 1,138 total respondents, 532 (47%) said they are most likely to splurge on riding boots to get a high-quality product.

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The age-old adage says “you get what you pay for.” So what are you most likely to spend some extra funds on? Last week we asked our readers what barn wear item they are most likely to splurge on to ensure they got a high-quality product. More than 1,100 people responded and we’ve tallied the results.

The majority of TheHorse.com readers indicated they are willing to pay more for high quality footwear. Of the 1,138 total respondents, 532 (47%) said they are most likely to splurge on riding boots to get a high-quality product, while another 313 (28%) said they're likely to spend extra on high-quality muck boots. Another 97 individuals (9%) said they were willing to spend a little extra money for a high-quality rain jacket, and 62 respondents (5%) indicated they would splurge on technical clothing. Fifty-four people (5%) said they would splurge on gloves, 30 people (3%) chose socks, 5 respondents said they would spend extra on a belt, and 45 individuals (4%) selected “other.” None of the respondents said they would splurge on a fashion item.

Poll Results

Additionally, 72 people commented about their response:

Many people commented on the importance of high quality footwear:

  • “Muck boots. Must have warm, dry feet in the winter.”
  • “I find 'no hoof, no horse' applies to humans, too! My feet need to be comfortable and boots need to last!”
  • “Muck boots! A long-lasting pair is absolutely necessary to keep feet dry with daily trips from house to barn!”
  • “If your feet are wet and cold, the barn is no fun.”
  • “Work boots. Be they muck, paddock, or other, I am in them and on my feet all day long, six days a week.”
  • “You can't ride in bad boots, tall or paddock. And nice ones just last longer.”
  • “Riding boots seem like the only logical choice.”
  • “I have had multiple surgeries on one foot and need my work boots to be comfortable.”
  • “Winter riding boots.”
  • “I have to have good waterproof boots that do double duty in western Washington.”
  • “You need foot support and you have to pay for it. Cheap boots won't cut it.”
  • “Boots! If my feet ain't happy the rest of me ain't happy!”
  • “It's easier to find a good pair of riding boots than mud/muck/work boots.”
  • “You always have to have good boots in the barn.”
  • “You can get really good boots that are over $200.”
  • “While spending long days the barn, no matter what the weather, its important to have comfy footwear.”
  • “It's a tie between custom riding boots and muck boots. My Dubarry boots are my absolute favorite.”
  • “Good boots are a must!”
  • “Boots! If my feet aren't comfortable the whole day doesn't go well.”
  • “Winter boots.”
  • “Footwear is important since you are on your feet all the time working.”

Several people commented that they would spend a little extra on winter wear:

  • “I'd splurge on a warm, waterproof coat and winter gloves.”
  • “I'd splurge on snow-proof clothing, including spikes for mudboots due to ice, good breathable gloves, a balaclava, etc.”
  • “High-quality effective cold weather gear for Vermont!”

Others said they would splurge on a helmet:

  • “A helmet! Mine saved my life recently. I'll never go riding without one!”
  • “Riding helmet! I can do without the items listed in poll.”
  • “A helmet, for sure.”

A few people said they would spend a little extra for high-quality rain wear:

  • “In the Pacific northwest, good rainwear is a must.”
  • “Good rainwear is a must!”
  • “I spent $100+ on a rain jacket six years ago and it still keeps me bone dry.”

Some commented on other items they would be willing to splurge on:

  • “I don't show very often, so I don't need a lot. But a good pair of half chaps are a must for me.”
  • “Good gloves are a must have in the barn.”
  • “I use gloves for everything around the farm. Goat skin is my favorite.”
  • “Riding breeches.”
  • “Good riding pants and light, breathable shirts with long sleeves.”
  • “Protective vest.”
  • “Dressage breeches with a leather full-seat.”
  • “Breeches”

And other individual left general comments:

  • “High price does not always equal high quality, but cheap is usually cheaply made.”
  • “I only buy as needed, not when I 'want' something.”
  • “All of my equestrian wear must be of the highest quality and fit perfectly for function, not fashion!”
  • “I live in northern Michigan. Waterproof and warmth are main factors when purchasing items.”
  • “I would splurge on many of these because comfort is important 14 hours a day.”

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