Gluck Center's Timoney Named Chair of International PrEquID Group

Peter Timoney, MVB, PhD, FRCVS, Frederick Van Lennep Chair in Equine Veterinary Science at the University of Kentucky's Gluck Equine Research Center, was named the acting chair of the international Prevention of Equine Infectious Disease Guidelines Group (PrEquID) in September.

PrEquID was "set up to compile guidelines for the prevention and management of major equine infectious diseases based on current scientific knowledge and available vaccines," according to its mission statement. The group, which is comprised of international veterinary experts that specialize in immunology, vaccinology, and/or equine medicine, was established in fall 2009 under the founding chairmanship of Marian Horzinek, professor emeritus at Universitiy of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The University of Kentucky co-organized the meeting where the group was formed.


"The equine industry worldwide is facing an unprecedented threat from the challenge of infectious diseases," Timoney said. "It's a huge industry involving a complex range of stakeholders, including veterinarians, owners, breeders, trainers, shippers, and regulators."

PrEquID was initially supported by Fort Dodge Animal Health and more recently is supported by Pfizer Animal Health. Since the group was formed, it has met three times-in Athens, Greece, in November 2009; Marrakech, Morocco, in March; and in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in September. During these meetings the group has drafted guidelines for equine influenza, equine herpesvirus 1- and 4-related diseases, strangles, tetanus, and African horse sickness.

Timoney said the objectives of PrEquID are to establish a rational basis for prevention of infectious diseases through use of vaccines and appropriate management strategies, increase awareness of the risks of pathogen spread through horse movements, and emphasize the importance of monitoring, surveillance, and reporting at a national and international level in achieving greater disease control.

"We must set aside individual and national agendas and concentrate on the bigger picture if we're to achieve greater international control over the spread of equine diseases and protect our industry for the future," Timoney said.

The first set of guidelines by PrEquID will be published near the end of this year.

PrEquID members are Timoney; Horzinek; Ann Cullinane, MVB, PhD, MRCVS, Irish Equine Centre, Ireland; James Gilkerson, BVSc, BSc(Vet) Hons, PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia; Alan Guthrie, BVSc, PhD, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Paul Lunn, MRCVS, BVSc, PhD, Dipl ACVIM, Colorado State University, USA; Richard Newton, BVSc, MSc, PhD, DLSHTM, DipECVPH FRCVS, Animal Health Trust, United Kingdom; Klaus Osterrieder, DVM, University of Berlin, Germany; and Paul-Pierre Pastoret, DVM, PhD, World Organisation for Animal Health.

To view the full guidelines once available and for more information, visit the PrEquID website.

Jenny Blandford is the Gluck Equine Research Foundation assistant at the Gluck Center.


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