Horse Health Resources Vary by Age, Survey Shows

The way horse owners obtain equine health information has a lot do with their age, according to a recent survey.

The findings are part of the American Horse Publications online nationwide survey, conducted from Oct. 15, 2009, to Jan. 31, 2010, which resulted in more than 11,000 responses. The survey is the largest ever of its kind for the United States.

Magazines and Web sites are popular resources for horse health care information, with about three-quarters of respondents reporting they obtain information this way.

However, age is an important factor when it comes to how horse owners obtain health care information that doesn't come from a veterinarian. Those older than 35 are much more likely to get health information from a print magazine, while about half those in the 18-24 group prefer getting their information online; those older than 55 are least likely to prefer getting their information online.

The majority of respondents (65%) also said they prefer to receive this information live, with questions being answered in person or live online. However, those older than 65 are least likely to want to receive their information this way, with only 35% indicating they prefer lectures.

While publications are popular sources of information, the veterinarian remains a staple in health care help, with 91% of respondents reporting they seek out the doctor's opinion when it comes to horse health.

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