Two Febrile Horses Removed from Hoosier Park Quarantine

Hoosier Park Racing & Casino has detected two horses in the quarantine barn exhibiting fever, so as a precautionary measure, both horses were removed from the grounds and shipped to a secondary quarantine facility per recommendation of the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

Two horses were discovered Sept. 30 with spikes in temperature following the second of three readings on every horse throughout the day. Although the first temperature reading of the day was not elevated, the second reading five hours later showed an increase in both horses.

As a result, the horses were immediately sampled and transported to a secondary quarantine facility off property, which is standard operating protocol under the guidelines of the current biosecurity measures in place due to the recent infection detected in one of 16 barns for Streptococcus equi (equine strangles.)

"Hoosier Park has been following stringent biosecurity procedures outlined by the Board of Animal Health throughout this entire quarantine process," said Tim Bartlett, DVM, equine director for the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. "At this point, the infection has been minimized to one barn on the backstretch. There is always the potential for other clinical cases to arise.

"Meanwhile, Hoosier Park is going to extraordinary measures to protect the health and safety of the horses on and off the track."

Fifty-five horses remain quarantined in one of 16 barns on the backstretch. A second nasal swab will be performed Oct. 1. Test results are expected from the University of Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center Oct. 6.

All other horses stabled on the backstretch are not under quarantine. The backstretch, which consists of 1,032 stalls, is fully operational and no disruption to business has been experienced.

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