Minnesota Gelding Project Offers Free Castration

In an effort to reduce the number of unwanted horses in Minnesota, several equine organization are banding together to offer free equine castration for horses and owners that meet program criteria.

Organizers of the project include the Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition, the Minnesota Horse Council, the Animal Humane Society, and the University of Minnesota, in cooperation with the Minnesota Association of Equine Practitioners.

An interested horse owner who enrolls in the program will be eligible for a voucher to cover the cost of castration surgery by a participating veterinarian (including the University of Minnesota Large Animal Hospital), once the owner attends eight horse health and management educational sessions.

The voucher covers the cost of castration, anesthesia, postoperative antibiotic, and tetanus vaccination or anti-toxin.

Program steps:

  • Get an official voucher from participating veterinarians, the Minnesota Horse Council, or members of the Minnesota Horse Welfare Coalition.
  • Attend eight horse health and management educational sessions, including: general horse care, reproduction, nutrition, facilities/manure management, equine dentistry, vaccinations and/or deworming, horse behavior, and the unwanted horse (option to volunteer two hours at a Minnesota horse rescue).
  • Contact a participating veterinarian to arrange castration of the stallion.


  • The stallion must be halter broke;
  • The stallion must have two descended testicles;
  • Farm call fees are not covered by the voucher.

For more information, contact Krishona Martinson at krishona@umn.edu or 612/625-6776, or Julie Wilson, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, at 612/625-3745.

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