Colorado State Offers Foaling Short Course

A hands-on short course in foaling out mares is being offered to owners and breeders by Colorado State University's Equine Reproduction Laboratory, Jan. 16 and 17, 2009.

Unlike most "classroom-only" courses, this short course will combine classroom learning with actual "wet lab" experience in learning when to help with a foaling and when to call the veterinarian.

Instructors will use facsimile mares to teach students how to determine what position the foal is in.

"What we are trying to teach is how to recognize what is normal for a foaling and what is abnormal," said Pat McCue, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACT, head of the Equine Reproduction Laboratory.

Many mare owners or new foaling attendants have limited foaling experience and do not know what to expect. This course will teach them how to recognize the stages of foaling as well as in which circumstances it is necessary to get a veterinarian involved.

"We will emphasize appropriate decision making to optimize a successful outcome," added McCue.

Lecture topics include care of the late-term pregnant mare, prediction of foaling, normal foaling, routine care of the newborn foal, complications of pregnancy and foaling (dystocia), foal resuscitation, problems in the post foaling mare, and medical issues of the newborn foal.

Laboratory sessions will include training in: Appropriate on-farm methods to assist with delivery of foals and when to call for assistance in a difficult foaling, proper on-farm use of foal resuscitation equipment and techniques, examination of the placenta, methods to predict foaling, use of labor alert devices, evaluation of colostrum quality, and how to test for passive transfer of maternal antibodies.

Space in the course is limited and registration is required. For more information go to Reich 

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