FEI Appoints Members to Group Reviewing Endurance Rules

The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) has appointed members to the endurance task force, which has been asked to undertake a full review of the sport ahead of the disciplines major rule review due in January 2009.

Over 50 applications were received from FEI national federations for representatives to fill the 12 places available. In view of the number of applications and the wide range of skills and experience held by those who had applied, the FEI made the decision to increase the number of members to 18. The original number of divisions within the task force remain the same at six, each with a serving Chairman.

These chairmen, together with their two co-members, will work on the specific areas of review within their division whilst maintaining full communication with the other divisional chairmen. Many of the areas of review are linked across all six divisions, so no one part of the task force will be independent of another.

A progress report will be issued in October with the full recommendations being finalized in early 2008. These recommendations will then be circulated to all national federations for comment. The FEI endurance technical committee will then fully consider the review proposals (amended as required following feedback) ahead of the establishment of the 2009 rule book.

The task force will consult widely to ensure input to the process is open to all those involved with the sport. Throughout the process will be open and transparent with regular updates published on the FEI Web site.

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