Equine Scholars Program

Students at Georgetown College in Kentucky now have the opportunity to “get their foot in the door” of the equine industry, no matter their area of study. The new Equine Scholars Program is a collaboration between the university and the Kentucky Horse Park, but it involves many areas of the Kentucky horse industry. Students interested in the program are elligible for internships at the Horse Park or other equine businesses, as well as four-year scholarships up to $10,000 per year. The program directors wants to enroll at least 40 students a year.

The program allows students to attend school while pursuing outside equine interests, said Bill Cook, director of the Kentucky Horse Park museum. Cook said many people are not aware of the jobs within the equine community, and he believes the program is a way to help students discover equine-related careers.

The Equine Scholars Program was the brainchild of Larry Smith, a supporter of Georgetown and the program’s volunteer coordinator. In talking to people in the horse business, Smith said many commented that it would have been beneficial to have a way to “get their foot in the door” early in their careers. Smith believes that by providing students with an excellent education in various fields, and by giving them an introduction into the horse industry, they can become prominent leaders in the community and equine industry.

Jim Durham, news bureau director for Georgetown College, said, “This program is for anyone who wants to get a liberal arts education and explore areas of the equine world; they don’t have to be involved in the horse industry yet.”
For more information visit http://equinescholars.georgetowncollege.edu/ or contact Johnnie Johnson, director of admissions, 502/863-8009; 800/788-9985; or e-mail admissions@georgetowncollege.edu

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