EIA-Positive Horse Auctioned Off in Two States

Equine infectious anemia (EIA) was confirmed July 13 in a Pennsylvania horse, said Bruce Schmucker, VMD, of the state's Department of Agriculture. The horse hasn't shown any clinical signs of EIA and passed through an auction in Meadville, Pa., on June 29.

The horse was first tested at a Sugarcreek, Ohio, auction on June 24.

"Ohio allows equines to come to a licensed livestock market where there is a veterinarian to draw that (blood) sample," said David Glauer, DVM, Ohio State Veterinarian and Chief of the Division of Animal Industry. "Our administrative code says that the new owner of that animal must maintain that animal on their property until they receive results. In the interim, the horse moved from Ohio to the Meadville auction."

Schmucker said Ohio vets alerted him of the EIA horse and its subsequent Meadville sale. The horse was then found, quarantined, and tested EIA-positive again.

Officials have located the other horses that were at the Meadville auction, notified the horses' new owners of the situation, and recommended biosecurity measures and post-exposure testing.

The EIA horse is the only horse on the farm where he was taken after the auction. Schmucker said officials were talking with the owner about continuing a stringent quarantine or euthanatizing the horse.

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Marcella M. Reca Zipp, MS

Marcella Reca Zipp, M.S., is a former staff writer for The Horse. She is completing her doctorate in Environmental Education and researching adolescent relationships with horses and nature. She lives with her family, senior horse, and flock of chickens on an island in the Chain O'Lakes.

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