AAEP Publishes Vesicular Stomatitis Brochure

The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) recently released a brochure about vesicular stomatitis (VS) for the horse owner. VS is a contagious disease that afflicts horses, livestock, wildlife, and humans. Although the virus that causes VS is rarely life-threatening, it can have a significant financial impact on the horse industry because symptoms resemble those of foot-and-mouth disease. The disease is reportable, meaning that state or federal animal health authorities should be informed immediately about suspected cases.

Clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, transmission, and prevention are detailed in the brochure. It joins more than 20 other AAEP client education brochures available to help horse owners learn more about good equine health care practices. The brochures can be obtained by calling the AAEP at 859/233-0147, or to view the information, visit www.myhorsematters.com.


About the Author

Deirdre Biles

Deirdre Biles is the Bloodstock Sales Editor for The Blood-Horse magazine.

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