North Carolina Horse Rescue Groups Deal With Drought Aftermath

Last year’s drought continues to affect horse owners in Franklin, North Carolina, according to, the web site of News Channel 5 in Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville, NC. Many of the horses have ended up on horse rescue farms like The North Carolina Equine Rescue League, which currently has 47 horses in its care; 24 of those have arrived since January.

The article quoted rescue representative Jennifer Hack: “The price of hay has gone up and people either can't afford or won't afford to feed their horses.”

While there has been a lot of rain in the area recently, the hay crop was down last year, which is still hitting the NCERL hard. Hay prices are up to $6.00 a bale, in an area where it used to be $3.50 a bale during a good season.

More horses also mean more work for the volunteers, and 32 horses are completely rehabilitated and available for fostering or adoption. Visit for information on available horses and ways to help.

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