Dolly Green Research Foundation Grants

The Southern California Equine Foundation, Inc., announced that The Dolly Green Research Foundation has awarded a total of $182,729.00 to fund research in equine veterinary medicine. The Dolly Green Research Foundation is affiliated with the Southern California Equine foundation Inc., and was established to administer a bequest from the late Miss Dolly Green. Miss Green was a longtime racehorse owner with a special interest in equine welfare.

The Southern California Equine Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization providing hospital services on the southern California Thoroughbred Racing circuit. The Southern California Equine Foundation has a long history of service to the racing industry and the equine athlete including development of equine ambulances commonly used in North America and funding of original research on "Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage."

The Dolly Green Research Foundation seeks to emphasize research with a practical benefit to the racehorse and expects to have a significant impact on equine research in the future. Funded research will address topics including Equine Protozoal Myelitis (EPM), Exercise Induced Pulmonary Myelitis (EIPH), Molecular Analysis and Therapy of Degenerative Joint Disease, MRI and Joint Stress Determination. Computer Modeling of Equine Forelimb Biomechanics and novel surgical techniques for repair of fetlock breakdown.

Principle investigators awarded grants include Dr. Susan Stover, U.C. Davis; Dr. Julie Thom Oxford, Colorado State; Dr. Warwick M. Bayly, Washington State; Dr. Gale Trotter, Colorado State; Dr. Wayne McIlwraith, Colorado State; and Drs. Joseph Cannon and Barrie Grant of San Luis Rey Equine Clinic, Bonsall, California.

"The Dolly Green Research Foundation currently ranks as the second largest private funding agency dedicated exclusively to equine health issues," said Dr. Joseph Dowd, Chairman of the Research Committee. "The foundation is proud to be supporting high quality research at the cutting edge of equine medicine and surgery. This funding is intended to help fulfill the mission of the Southern California Equine Foundation by improving the health and welfare of the equine athlete.

Research Projects Funded--1997-1998
Surgical Treatment of Suspensory Apparatus Disruption in Horses using a Tendon Translation Procedure: Grant, Canon, Galuppo (San Luis Rey Equine)--$4,000.
Determination of Contact Stresses in the Carpal and Femorotibial Joints of Horses, and Correlation to magnetic Resonance Imaging: McIlwraith, Kawcak (Colorado)--$44,927.
Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage and its Relationship to Performance: Bayly (Washington)--$28,411.
The Treatment of Induced Osteoarthritis in Exercised Horses Using Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Delivered Using Gene Therapy: Oxford, Frisbie and McIlwraith (Colorado)--$49,306.
Development of a Computer Simulation of the Thoroughbred Racehorse Forelimb at a Racing Gallop: Stover, Swanstrom (Davis)--$44,988.
Synovial Fluid and Tissue Expression of Degenerative Enzymes, Inflammatory Mediators, and Cytokines in Naturally Occurring Joint Disease in Horses: Trotter, Trumble, Thom-Oxford (Colorado)--$11,095.

Continuing Grants Funded:
Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis in California horses. A comparison of post mortem pathologic finding in the central nervous system of clinically normal and affected horses with test results of serum and cerebrospinal fluid as determined by Western Blot: Draft (CEH--Davis)--$33,501.

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