Kentucky Embargoes and Bans Extended, Revised

In response to the detection of vesicular stomatitis (VS), Kentucky officials have prohibited entry of horses and some other species into Kentucky from Colorado, New Mexico, and part of Texas. (New Mexico had horses on 35 premises under VS quarantine on August 2; read about Colorado's cases above.) Special documentation and proof of a negative VS test must accompany horses from states bordering those with VS cases: Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, Wyoming, and areas outside of the Texas embargoed zone.

In a July 26 memo to Texas state veterinarian Bob Hillman, DVM, Kentucky state veterinarian Robert Stout, DVM, revised embargo borders to include several more Texas counties due to new cases. As of July 30, Kentucky's Administrative Regulation 302 KAR 20:115E prohibited the entry of all livestock, wild animals, and exotic animals into Kentucky from Colorado, New Mexico, and the VS embargoed portions of Texas:

  • South of Route 70 from Paducah, Texas, going west to the New Mexico Line
  • West of Route 83 from Paducah going south to Junction, Texas
  • West of I-10 from Junction going southeast to San Antonio
  • South and west of I-37 from San Antonio southeast to Corpus Christi, including all of Gillespie, Kendall, Kerr, and Kimble counties (added July 26)

Equids coming to Kentucky from non-embargoed areas of Texas (labeled "affected" on map at right) must test negative for VS using the C-ELISA Test and have an entry permit issued by the state vet and recorded on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Additionally, they must have a CVI within five days of entering Kentucky with a statement that the horses don't have VS and have not originated from a premise with VS (or one where VS has been diagnosed in the past 30 days), an area under quarantine for VS, or the Texas embargoed area. All equids entering Kentucky from a state that borders embargoed/affected states must test negative for VS within 10 days prior to the animal's Kentucky entry and have a five-day CVI with VS statements. More information regarding Kentucky's embargoes and restrictions can be found online at

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