Nutramax Donates Settlement Proceeds to NARHA

Nutramax Laboratories, of Edgewood, MD, makers of Cosequin for horses, dogs and cats and CosaminDS for humans, has donated $15,000, the proceeds of a recent legal settlement, to the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA). The settlement funds were the result of a legal suit brought by Nutramax against a company that issued a press release to the equestrian media claiming that the company "has successfully negotiated a comprehensive licensing agreement with Nutramax Laboratories." The claim was "absolutely false," explained Ed Sharbaugh of Nutramax. "There was not a shred of truth in that statement which was distributed to equestrian media in the form of a news release. Nutramax took great offense at the blatant falsehood."

"Nutramax is committed to vigorously protecting our registered patents and our reputation," Sharbaugh added. "Legal action was necessary in this case not only to protect our reputation but most importantly, to ensure consumers, especially those in the equestrian industry, were not mislead or deceived. The suit was never about money, so when a financial resolution was proposed as closure to the legal action, Nutramax decided that the proceeds should directly benefit the equestrian community."

The North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, the umbrella organization for therapeutic riding programs in the US, was Nutramax's choice as beneficiary for the proceeds of the lawsuit. According to Dr. Robert Henderson of Nutramax, "We felt these funds could be instrumental to NARHA to help increase access to therapeutic riding programs."

Bill Scebbi, executive director of NARHA, classified the donation from Nutramax as "a most generous gesture." "Nutramax has been a consistent, strong supporter of NARHA. This unsolicited and totally unexpected donation to NARHA is testimony to Nutramax's corporate integrity and their leadership in the industry. We will use the $15,000 to provide educational services so that more people can benefit from therapeutic riding programs. This generous gift will make a difference."

Nutramax Laboratories manufactures Cosequin and Cosamin according to the same standards used for pharmaceuticals, using trademarked materials in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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