Sweden Restricts Horse Imports

The arrival of foot and mouth disease in Europe has complicated many equestrian events for organizers and competitors, including the World Cup Final in Gšteborg, Sweden. It was announced March 27 that horses will only be allowed to enter Sweden if they have been resident in a foot and mouth disease (FMD)-free country for 14 days prior to their arrival. Since foot and mouth-free countries of today could be considered infected countries tomorrow, The FEI has asked the Swedish organizers if horses arriving early at the venue could be stabled and trained. The Organizing Committee has arranged for suitable stabling in proximity of the event venue.

The FEI informed the National Federations as follows on March 27:

  • National Federation (competitors) are advised to consider departing for Sweden as soon as possible, if they are situated in a country that is free from FMD at this point.
  • For countries eligible to participate and considered as infected (FRA, GBR, IRL, NED) it should be realized that the horses must remain in a FMD-free country for a period of 14 days. This residency must be authenticated at arrival at the Swedish border.
  • The date of arrival into the FMD-free country should be entered and stamped by the official veterinarian on page 54-56 of the FEI passport or at the appropriate page of your national passport.
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