Merck Renews Subscriptions to The Horse for AAEVT Members

Blood-Horse Publications and The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care announce that Merck Animal Health has renewed one-year subscriptions to The Horse magazine for all members of the American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians and Assistants (AAEVT). This is the third year Merck has provided this sponsorship to the AAEVT, whose mission is to promote the health and welfare of the horse through education and professional enrichment of the equine veterinary technician and assistant.

"At Merck Animal Health, we value and understand the integral role the equine veterinary technician plays in improving the health and welfare of the horse," said Brett Whitehead, director of equine and agricultural retail business for Merck Animal Health. "We are committed to providing AAEVT members with continuing education opportunities, including complimentary subscriptions to The Horse magazine."

In response to Merck’s generosity, AAEVT Executive Director Deborah B. Reeder, RVT, VTS-EVN, adds "A heartfelt thank you to Merck Animal Health and Mr. Brett Whitehead and his equine team for their generous and continued support of the AAEVT and our members. This sponsorship of a subscription to The Horse magazine for each of our members is a cherished benefit and is greatly appreciated by all of our members." 

"We’re delighted that Merck is renewing its support of AAEVT’s continuing education efforts, and that members will continue receiving The Horse," said Stephanie L. Church, editor-in-chief of The Horse. "Merck continues to be an industry leader in ensuring that hands-on horse health care professionals have the tools they need for the very best care possible. Among these professionals are veterinary technicians, whose expertise and commitment are often what keep veterinary practices running smoothly and successfully." 

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