Horses and their Canine Companions

To celebrate National Dog Day our Facebook fans submitted photos of their horses and canine friends.

Best Buds

"Best barn dog ever!" Photo submitted by Anthie Booras

Photo: Anthie Booras

On Foal Watch

Two curious Friesian foals checking out the resident farm dog. Photo submitted by Barbara J. Sheridan

Photo: Barbara Sheridan

Keeping Watch

"Scout and Romeo keeping watch around the barn." Photo submitted by Carolyn Camp.

Photo: Carolyn Camp

Dining Duo

"Strider (chocolate Lab) and Rowdy (bay Arab) like to graze together. And eat watermelon together. And apples. And pears. And cookies -- both Rowdy's oaty ones and Strider's peanut butter biscuits. Basically, they're foodies." Photo submitted by Cheryl Scott.

Photo: Cheryl Scott

Best Friends

"Kyra & Noctuelle" Photo submitted by Jelena Beketic.

Photo: Jelena Beketic

"Denny and Fynn"

"Best friends Denny and Fynn" Photo submitted by Katie Collier

Photo: Katie Collier

Canine Compassion

"Sammy giving Igg's a big smooch…these two are inseparable." Photo submitted by Kerry Wilson.

Photo: Kerry Wilson

"Miss U and Harriet"

"Miss U from Amazing Grace Equine Sanctuary, may she R.I.P., my granddaughter, Nathalie and my dog, Harriet. Neither of the animals were quite sure of the other. Too cute!" Photo submitted by Laurie Jean Kiser.

Photo: Laurie Jean Kiser

"Huck and Finn"

"In honor of National Dog Day, flash back to my pit mix Huck meeting his equine brother Finn for the first time." Photo submitted by Lauren Trent.

Photo: Lauren Trent

Sharing Secrets

Photo submitted by Leonardo Salomone

Photo: Leonardo Salomone

Puppy Love

Photo submitted by Shi Mia.

Photo: Shi Mia

"Snickers and Coda"

"Snickers the mini with his pal Coda." Photo submitted by Stacy George.

Photo: Stacy George