Poll Recap: Mini Matters

Poll Recap: Mini Matters

Of the 705 respondents, 49% (374 voters) said they own or have owned a Miniature Horse.

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In last week's online poll, TheHorse.com asked if you own or have owned a Miniature Horse. More than 700 readers responded and we've tallied the results.

Throughout the week, the results remained close and in the end, the difference between "yes" and "no" was less than 10 votes. Ultimately, of the 705 respondents, 49% (374 voters) said they own or have owned a Miniature Horse. The slim majority of voters—358, or 51%--indicated they have or do not own a Mini. Additionally, 123 readers left comments sharing their opinions about or experiences with Miniature Horses.

Some said that Minis just aren't the horse for them:

  • "They are cute and I love to see them driving, but I've always wanted riding horses."
  • "Too many problems... hyperlipidemia, dental, etc."
  • "While cute they require too much management to stay healthy."
  • "Not the breed for me."

Some respondents said that they use or would like to use Minis as a companion for another horse:

  • "Wonderful companion, baby sitter to my senior horse."
  • "Two. Friendly, brilliant, fun, easy, companions to Arab colt."
  • "Thinking of getting one to keep a senior horse company since he can't be in with the big boys."
  • "As a companion for a blind mare."

Some voters shared why they got involved with Miniature Horses:

  • "Our first horse was a Mini, and we have had one ever since. Great for kids, as we have city horses."
  • "After having Arabians for 30 years, we transitioned to Miniatures as we grew older."
  • "I switched to Minis after I was told not to ride horses because of injuries sustained in a car accident."

And many just shared why they love their Minis:

  • "Minis are the best! They are so eager to please, willing to work, and have such great a sense of humor."
  • "Our Mini gave my son the experience and confidence to handle our Quarter Horses. We love her!"
  • "Love them like potato chips: can't just have one!"
  • "Yes! I drive a Miniature Horse because heart isn't measured in hands."
  • "Big attitudes on short legs!"
  • "Yes and I love them so much that I am selling my full size horse and just keeping Minis."

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