Boise Wild Horse Corral Reopens After Strangles Outbreak

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has reopened the Boise Wild Horse Corral, in Idaho, for wild horse and burro adoptions and public visits. The corral had been temporarily closed since May due to a strangles outbreak.

About 75% of the horses at the facility became infected with the highly contagious condition, and all have fully recovered. The BLM has consulted with a local horse veterinarian and has determined that the appropriate wait time has elapsed since the last clinical signs were detected, and it is now safe for the corral to reopen and adoptions to resume.

“Our priority was for the safety of our facility’s horses and to take all precautions to prevent the disease from being transmitted to privately-owned horses,” said Raul Trevino, BLM Boise corral manager. “We’ve worked closely with the veterinarian and we believe the disease has run its course. People interested in adopting a horse or burro are now encouraged to call for an appointment.”

For more information on adoptions and events, contact Trevino at 208/896-5603 or

The BLM encourages interested individuals to visit to learn more about the program and providing a good home for an unadopted or unsold animal. To contact the Wild Horse and Burro information center, call 866/4MUSTANGS (866/468-7826) or e-mail

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