2014 Muddiest Horse Contest: Editors' Picks

We asked our fans to submit photos of their muddiest horses in a recent photo contest. Here are a few of our favorite entries, in no particular order.

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Muddiest Horse Contest - Fan's Choice

Cassandra Carl's photo of her yearling Appaloosa "Khaleesi" received the most votes in our 2014 Muddiest Horse photo contest and was declared the winner.

Photo: Cassandra Carl

Muddy Horses: "Chase"

Every horse likes a good roll in the mud.

Photo: Amanda Cole

Muddy Horses: Muddy and Proud of It

Photo: Heather Schuler

Muddy Horses: "Rayne"

"This is my horse, Rayne. She loves water and mud. These two were separate incidents."

Photo: Tara Cromer

Muddy Pony

Photo: Golden Palamino

Muddy Horses: "Hidde"

"Our Friesian gelding Hidde who had a good roll in the mud!"

Photo: Friesian Experience

Muddy Horses: Muddy Appaloosa

Photo: Lynzie Taylor Skiff

Muddy Horses

"Gotta get every inch."

Photo: Lisa Roth Muncy

Muddy Horses: Mud is in Style, Right?

Photo: Hannah Hacker

Muddy Horses: Just Roll in It

"Look what I can do!"

Photo: Mary Grant-Bell

Muddy Horses: "Top Bunk"

"Mr. Mudd Muffin Top Bunk himself at Beyond The Roses Equine Rescue & Retirement"

Photo: Gail Hirt

Muddy Horses: "Jess"

"This is Jess who is sometimes grey…"

Photo: Clare Elizabeth Holmes

Muddy Horses: Stealing the Hose

May I borrow this hose?

Photo: Marti Nelson

Muddy Horse

Photo: Marian Marlin

Muddy Horses: Mud Professional

"34 years old and a pro at mud"

Photo: Joyce Keith

Muddy Horses: Muddy and Sassy

My sassy OTTB has decided the mud must be good for her coat!

Photo: Rebecca Burgess