Abandoned Horse Finds Permanent Home

A 6-year-old Thoroughbred that was abandoned with a gaping wound in his head has recovered from his injury and found a permanent home at Equine Voices Rescue in Green Valley, Ariz.

Abandoned horse Solo Vino

Solo Vino on March 3.

The horse was found near Mesa in March. He had a 3-inch gash in his head, a fractured skull, and detached nuchal ligament. A local farm owner fostered the horse, which she named Solo Vino.

Donors from across the country raised enough money to cover his $8,000 vet bill and subsequent care. Today Solo Vino's head is fully healed, but he is permanently lame due to severe ringbone in his right front leg.

At Equine Voices, Solo Vino has found a best friend--a miniature mule named Jenny. "He has just fallen in love," said Equine Voices president Karen Pomroy.

While Pomroy said Solo Vino has a forever home at Equine Voices, she is willing to adopt him out to the right owner.

Solo Vino recovered

A recent photo of Solo Vino.

"We haven't really promoted him as being available for adoption, because he has special needs that might be a little difficult," she said, noting that he is fed several supplements to help keep his weight up, and needs a monthly Adequan shot to manage the pain of his ringbone.

"If there is a person out there to give him a companion home, it'll be that love connection," she said. "When people come to adopt from us, there's something about that specific horse that tugs at a person's heart."

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