AAEP Announces 2013 Summer CE Schedule

The American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP) 2013 series of summer continuing education (CE) meetings for veterinarians will impart the latest trends and best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of core areas of equine health, enabling practitioners to raise the standard of care provided to patients and the value provided to clients.

The 360° meetings will feature intensive, hands-on training centered on musculoskeletal ultrasound and the hind suspensory and stifle. The Focus meetings will present the latest evidence-based diagnostic techniques and treatment procedures pertaining to equine dentistry and the foot. Scheduled meetings include:

360° Imaging: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound—July 13-16, Davis, Calif.
Practitioners will sharpen their ability to produce and interpret high-quality scans of the musculoskeletal structures and maximize the benefits of ultrasound to diagnose, manage and rehabilitate horses with soft tissue injuries. The 360° Imaging: Musculoskeletal Ultrasound meeting is sponsored by Sound-Eklin, Universal Imaging, Vet Imaging, and Vetel Diagnostics.

360° Diagnosing, Imaging and Treating the Hind Suspensory and Stifle—July 28-31, Fort Collins, Colo.
While enhancing their understanding of the disease process in the hind suspensory and stifle, equine veterinarians will improve image acquisition and clinical decision making to efficiently diagnose and treat the all-too common but often challenging injuries to these areas.

Focus on Dentistry and Business Education Workshop—August 4-6, Charlotte, N.C.
Held jointly, the meetings provide a unique opportunity for veterinarians to develop dental skills and business expertise for one price. During dentistry sessions, attendees will advance beyond the oral exam and learn to recognize and treat oral pathologies that can adversely affect the health and performance of the horse. Business sessions will present communication and management strategies designed to unlock the commercial potential of a practice through strengthened customer loyalty and identification of additional profit sources. The Business Education Workshop is sponsored by AAEP Educational Partner Merck Animal Health.

Focus on the Foot—September 5-7, Fort Collins, Colo.
Practitioners will progress from the basics of a thorough examination to successfully diagnosing, treating and managing common to complex foot problems, including critical and complicated laminitis cases, septic conditions of the foot, sheared heels, quarter cracks and club feet. The Focus on the Foot meeting is sponsored by AAEP Education Partner Merial, SmartPak, Universal Imaging, and Vet Ray Technology.

Registration for each meeting is now open. To view a complete scientific program for each of the summer meetings, make hotel reservations, or register, visit www.aaep.org/continuing_edu.htm.

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