Deworming and Boarding

Q: In a boarding situation, does it make sense to test your horse's manure for worms or should they all be tested?


A: If the horses at a boarding stable all share common pasture, your worm control program is only as good as the worst one there. It's essential that all horses at a boarding stable be on a uniform program, but I'm always amazed at how few establishments seem to be able to enforce this recommendation. If you cannot get some uniformity in the local practices, then your only recourse might be daily dewormers, which are the only anthelmintics that are used preventively. They allow you to implement a customized program in the midst of chaos. On the other hand, if you have a low contaminator that seems to maintain low egg counts despite constant challenge, the horse will probably do fine as long as it's on a good plane of nutrition and is maintained relatively stress-free. Good luck.

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About the Author

Craig R. Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD

Craig R. Reinemeyer, DVM, PhD, is president of East Tennessee Clinical Research, Inc., an independent business in Knoxville, Tenn., that conducts clinical pharmaceutical research for animal health companies.

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