MacKinnon Ice Horse Boots Evendura Wrap




MacKinnon Ice Horse Boots presents the Evendura wrap, which can be used to evenly ice a leg from knee to pastern. The wrap, a nylon sleeve secured with Velcro fasteners, conforms to the shape of the leg and holds the reusable cooling First+Ice inserts. The inserts are filled with a patented propylene glycol polymer.

The Big Black Boot with First+Ice inserts takes the hassle out of cooling a horse's hoof in cases of laminitis or stone bruises. An elastic strap system holds the nylon boot snugly around the hoof, providing hours of cooling relief.

The First+Ice inserts remain cold at therapeutic levels for up to two hours, while the horse eats or rests comfortably in his stall. As the legs remain dry, there is no risk of skin irritation or bacterial, fungal and hoof. The inserts can also be warmed for several minutes in a microwave oven and used to apply heat therapy for treatment of arthritic conditions or any situation that calls for an increase of blood flow.

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