Horse Basics: Halters

Learn the basic options you have for outfitting your horse in a halter.

Rope Halter

Rope halters are a training tool used by many natural horsemanship trainers. As the name implies, these halters are made from rope (most commonly braided nylon cord), and these halters are tied together rather than constructed using hardware connections.


Leather Halter

Traditional leather halters are constructed of cowhide, and the pieces connect via metal or brass fittings and buckles. These halters are often highly adjustable at multiple points for a customized fit.

Photo: Anne M. Eberhardt/The Horse

Flat Nylon Halters

Flat halters made of nylon are inexpensive, strong, versatile, and a popular choice for regular barn use. Their synthetic material wears well and comes in a rainbow of colors.


Grooming Halter

Grooming halters don’t have throatlatches. This makes for easy grooming of the face.


Western Show Halter

Think of show halters as horse jewelry. They are designed for competition, such as in-hand halter and showmanship classes, and different breeds have different show halter requirements, styles, traditions, and trends.

Photo: Chelsea Whittle

Arabian Show Halter

The halter pictured is an Arabian-style show halter designed to show off the fine features of the breed’s face.