Five Equine Body Condition Score Resources on

Five Equine Body Condition Score Resources on

A horse’s body condition score can tell a lot about his overall well-being. So, how does your horse weigh in?

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You've heard the warnings: Obesity—concerning on its own—can lead to a host of other serious health problems in horses. But your horse isn't obese, is he? Nah…he's just a little chunky with a little fat over his tailhead, or maybe just a touch of a cresty neck.

Guess what: That horse is probably overweight, and could be well on his way to obesity. So to help you better understand how to tell whether your horse is overweight, too skinny, or just right, we've compiled five body condition scoring resources available to you for free on

And for additional information about helping that overweight horse subsist on fewer calories, see "5 Tips for Feeding Easy Keepers" in the July 2014 issue of The Horse: Your Guide to Equine Health Care

Article: Determining Horses' Body Weight and Ideal Condition When it comes to calculating a horse's nutrient requirements, it's important to first determine that animal's body weight and condition. Body weight is measured in kilograms or pounds. Body condition refers to how much or how little fat coverage an animal has, and it can be measured through both subjective visual inspection and objective and quantitative body measurements. Find out what you need to know. Read Now

Video: What's Your Horse's Body Condition Score? Regular body condition scoring helps you keep your horse in good health. Learn how and when to score your horse with Bob Coleman, PhD, PAS, of the University of Kentucky. Watch Now

Special Report: Body Condition Score: Back to Basics A horse’s body condition score can tell a lot about his overall well-being. So, how does your horse weigh in? This free report gives you the information you need so you can judge where your horse falls on the scales. Download Now

Poster: Equine Body Condition Score What defines obese for a horse? For that matter, what determines if a horse is too skinny? Of course, it's simple to point out those horses at either end of the spectrum, but for horses in between there can be gray areas. Get a visual lesson on what to look for to accurately score your horse's body condition. Download Now

Podcast: How to Tell if Your Horse is Overweight Erin Denney-Jones, DVM, talks about obesity in horses, different problems that can be caused by obesity, and how to tell if your horse is overweight. Listen Now


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