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Apply Standing Wraps

Learn when and how to use standing wraps on your horse's legs.


Why Are Industry Surveys Important for Horse Owners?

Dr. Jill Stowe explains why industry studies, like the 2012 Kentucky Equine Survey, are important.

Featured Series

Deworming Part 4: Products

Dr. Steve Sundholm presents the different types of dewormers available for horses and how they work.


Rehabilitating the Laminitic Foot

Dr. Scott Morrison of Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital shares solutions for supporting laminitic horse hooves.


Regular Care of UPenn's Semi-Feral Pony Herd

Dr. Sue McDonnell describes the regular care and maintenance of UPenn's semi-feral pony research herd.


The Origin of UPenn's Semi-Feral Pony Herd

Dr. Sue McDonnell shares the origin and purpose of University of Pennsylvania's semi-feral pony research herd.


ACT 2013: Reasons to Evaluate Stallion Fertility

Dr. Dickson Varner lists the reasons veterinarians might assess stallions for infertility.


Dr. Temple Grandin on Fear in Horses

Dr. Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, talks about fear in horses.


ACT 2013: Components of a Stallion Breeding Exam

Dr. Dickson Varner describes what he's looking for during a stallion breeding soundness exam.


ACT 2013: How Pain Impacts Equine Reproduction

University of Florida's Dr. Chris Sanchez describes how pain might affect conception rates in horses.


Why UPenn's Semi-Feral Herd Ponies Don't Founder

Seeing ponies graze on lush pastures, you'd expect some to founder. Dr. Sue McDonnell explains why they don't.


ACT 2013: Parasite Control in Foals

Dr. Wendy Vaala describes proper internal parasite control and deworming for youngsters.


ISES 2013: Why Rein Tension is Important to Horse Welfare

Dr. Hayley Randle shares why it's important for riders and coaches to understand rein tension.


ISES 2013: Comparing Amateurs and Pros in Rein Tension Study

Dr. Hayley Randle compares how professional and amateur riders responded during her rein tension study.


Injectable Field Anesthesia

Learn about field anesthesia from specialist Dr. Nora Matthews from Texas A & M.


ISES 2013: Rider Perception of Rein Tension Study

Dr. Hayley Randle shares the results of her study investigating rider perception of rein tension.


International Horse Movement: Mitigating Disease Risk

Dr. Peter Timoney discusses balancing horse movement with disease risk.


International Horse Movement: Risk Assessment and Management

Dr. Kenneth Lam discusses disease control and horse movement.


Do Joint Supplements Help Prevent and/or Treat Arthritis?

Dr. David Frisbie of Colorado State describes the effectiveness of equine joint supplements.


Equine Infection Control Training

Dr. Brandy Burgess of Colorado State University answers a question about equine infection control training.


Choosing a Disinfectant for Barn Use

Dr. Brandy Burgess describes selecting a disinfectant to protect horses from infectious disease agents.


International Horse Movement for Competition

The FEI's Dr. Graeme Cooke discusses facilitating horse movement for international competition.


How to Quarantine a New Horse

Dr. Josie Traub-Dargatz describes ways to keep horses and their equipment separate to avoid disease spread.


Why is My Horse that Color?

In this UK Lecture series presentation, Dr. Kathy Graves shares the basics of equine coat color genetics.

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