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Selling Rescue Horses

Ended 10/14/2014 with 1183 Votes

Is it appropriate for someone to sell or charge a rehoming fee on a "rescue" horse? Please share your thoughts! View Results

Horse Prices

Ended 10/7/2014 with 1848 Votes

How much did you pay for the last horse you bought? View Results

How Much is a 'Rescue' Horse Worth?

Ended 9/30/2014 with 1253 Votes

To you, does a horse being referred to as a rescue make it (please tell us why): View Results

Supplement Expenses

Ended 9/23/2014 with 1045 Votes

What is the most you spend on supplements per month (in addition to feed and concentrates) for an individual horse, not including prescription medications? View Results

Renaming Horses

Ended 9/16/2014 with 842 Votes

Have you ever renamed a horse (please tell us why or why not)? View Results

Your Vet's Horsemanship Skills

Ended 9/9/2014 with 675 Votes

What is your veterinarian's strongest horse handling skill? View Results

Social Media Usage

Ended 9/2/2014 with 423 Votes

What social media outlet do you rely on the most for horse-related pictures, posts, and information? (In the comments, please share how you use or don't use social media as part of your horse life). View Results

Tipping Farriers

Ended 8/26/2014 with 1727 Votes

Do you tip your farrier for trimming or shoeing your horses (please share your thoughts on whether or not tipping is appropriate)? View Results

Room for a Rescue

Ended 8/19/2014 with 575 Votes

Have you ever rescued a horse (please tell us why or why not and about your experiences)? View Results

Barn Wear Splurges

Ended 8/12/2014 with 1138 Votes

What barn wear item are you mostly likely to splurge on to ensure getting a high-quality product? View Results

Horses and Dogs

Ended 8/5/2014 with 989 Votes

Have you ever had a horse get injured by a dog? View Results

Dental Care Costs

Ended 7/29/2014 with 868 Votes

How much do you spend each year on your individual horse's dental care? View Results

Finding a Veterinarian

Ended 7/22/2014 with 872 Votes

How did you begin using your current veterinarian? View Results

Water Sources for Horses

Ended 7/15/2014 with 1476 Votes

What type of water sources do your horses have access to? View Results

Horses on the 4th of July

Ended 7/8/2014 with 716 Votes

How do you manage your horses during fireworks? View Results

Bathing: Warm or Cold

Ended 7/1/2014 with 1071 Votes

Do you have access to warm water for bathing your horse? View Results

Bath Time

Ended 6/24/2014 with 1198 Votes

How often do you rinse or bathe your horse? View Results

Hay Hauling

Ended 6/17/2014 with 1112 Votes

Do you haul and stack your own hay? (If you get help, please share who helps you in the comments below.) View Results

2014 Hay Costs

Ended 6/10/2014 with 599 Votes

How much do you expect/have you paid for hay per ton this year? (Please share the price, kind, quality, and whether delivery is included in the comments section.) View Results

Summer Horse Plans

Ended 6/3/2014 with 473 Votes

Summer is right around the corner! What horse-related plans are you most excited about for Summer 2014? Please tell us about your plans in the comment section. View Results

Truth or Fiction: Farmers' Almanac

Ended 5/27/2014 with 294 Votes

Do you rely on the Farmers' Almanac to make horse management decisions? Please tell your experiences and why or why not. View Results

Riding Lesson Expenses

Ended 5/20/2014 with 1031 Votes

How much do you pay for individual private riding lessons? View Results

Hoof Care Costs

Ended 5/13/2014 with 1142 Votes

How much do you spend per horse on regular hoof care each time the farrier or trimmer visits? View Results

Equine Leg Protection

Ended 5/6/2014 with 756 Votes

Does your horse wear leg protection when exercising? View Results

Spring Cleaning: Blankets

Ended 4/29/2014 with 1160 Votes

How do you get your horse's winter blankets clean once spring arrives? View Results