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Electrolytes for Horses

Ended 7/7/2015 with 804 Votes

Do you give your horse electrolytes? View Results

Getting A Closer Look

Ended 6/30/2015 with 375 Votes

What types of imaging has your veterinarian most recently used on your horse? Tell us about your experiences below. View Results

Senior Horse Health Issues

Ended 6/23/2015 with 517 Votes

What's your biggest senior horse concern? View Results

It's Hot Outside!

Ended 6/16/2015 with 1474 Votes

I don't ride my horses when it's warmer than: View Results

Automatic Waterers

Ended 6/9/2015 with 338 Votes

What brand of automatic waterer do you use or are you most familiar with? View Results

Horse Feed Amounts

Ended 6/2/2015 with 1278 Votes

How much grain or concentrate feed does your horse receive each day? View Results

Trees Toxic to Horses

Ended 5/26/2015 with 673 Votes

What toxic trees are you most concerned about on your pastures/property? View Results

Equine Welfare Issues

Ended 5/19/2015 with 1238 Votes

Which of the following equine welfare issues is most concerning to you? View Results

Summer Travel Plans

Ended 5/12/2015 with 674 Votes

If you're traveling with your horse this summer, what is the farthest distance you plan to go? View Results

Horsey Vacations

Ended 5/5/2015 with 571 Votes

How do you typically use the majority of your vacation days? View Results

Horse Shopping Distance

Ended 4/28/2015 with 652 Votes

When shopping or looking for a new horse, how far do you extend your geographical search? View Results

Horse Watering Options

Ended 4/21/2015 with 1144 Votes

How do you currently water your horses? View Results

The Organized Horse Owner

Ended 4/14/2015 with 664 Votes

How do you keep and store your horse's health, training, and/or management records? View Results

Spring Fever!

Ended 4/7/2015 with 577 Votes

What gives you the biggest case of horse-related spring fever? View Results

Adopting a Wild Horse

Ended 3/31/2015 with 620 Votes

Have you considered adopting a wild horse from the BLM or National Parks Service? (Tell us why or why not, or about your experience!) View Results

Starting Horses Under Saddle

Ended 3/24/2015 with 700 Votes

Have you ever started a horse under saddle yourself? Please tell us why or why not and about your experiences! View Results

Flooding and Horse Facilities

Ended 3/17/2015 with 585 Votes

How do you manage flooding near or around your horse barn or facility? View Results

Veterinarian Communication

Ended 3/10/2015 with 690 Votes

How do you communicate most with your horse's vet? View Results

Mare, Gelding, or Stallion

Ended 3/3/2015 with 1485 Votes

Which do you prefer to own? View Results

Stall vs. Turnout Time

Ended 2/24/2015 with 2015 Votes

How often is your horse stabled in a barn? View Results

Sweeping Horse Barn Aisles

Ended 2/17/2015 with 1370 Votes

How often is your barn aisle swept? View Results

Members Only

Ended 2/10/2015 with 506 Votes

Do you belong to any horse-related clubs, associations, teams or organizations? Please tell us why or why not, and if so, which ones. View Results

Trail Hoof Wear

Ended 2/3/2015 with 1003 Votes

What hoof protection does your horse wear on the trail? View Results

Eliminating Ammonia in Horse Barns

Ended 1/27/2015 with 915 Votes

How do you eliminate harmful ammonia and odors in your stalls/barn? View Results

Staying Warm in the Winter

Ended 1/20/2015 with 760 Votes

What one piece of winter clothing would you never give up? While you're at it, tell us what makes it special? View Results