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Therapeutic Saddle Pads

Ended 2/23/2016 with 456 Votes

Do you use a therapeutic saddle pad or one that helps your saddle fit better? Tell us what works for you! View Results

EPM Experiences

Ended 2/16/2016 with 467 Votes

Have you ever owned a horse with equine protozoal myeloencephalitis? Tell us about your experiences. View Results

Horse Height

Ended 2/9/2016 with 1150 Votes

What is your ideal height for a horse? (Please explain your preferences in the comments!) View Results

Keeping Horse Blankets Clean

Ended 2/2/2016 with 1128 Votes

How do you keep your horse's winter blankets clean? View Results

Winter Shoeing Solutions

Ended 1/26/2016 with 949 Votes

Do you pull your horse's shoes during the winter? Tell us why or why not! View Results

Young Horse Ownership

Ended 1/19/2016 with 634 Votes

Have you ever owned a young horse, 4 years old or younger? If so, tell us about your experiences! View Results

Nutrition Confidence

Ended 1/12/2016 with 735 Votes

How confident are you that your horse is getting the nutrition he needs to be healthy? View Results

Hay Soaking

Ended 1/5/2016 with 427 Votes

Do you soak or steam your horse's hay before feeding? Tell us why or why not! View Results

Equine Nutrition Information

Ended 12/29/2015 with 817 Votes

Where do you get information about feeding your horse nutritional supplements? View Results

Is It Time for a New Helmet?

Ended 12/22/2015 with 926 Votes

When are you most likely to replace your riding helmet? (Please select all that apply.) View Results

Hay Choices

Ended 12/15/2015 with 1760 Votes

What are the key influencers that impact your hay choices for your horse(s)? Check all that apply. View Results

Saddle Shopping

Ended 12/8/2015 with 633 Votes

Next time you need a saddle, which are you most likely to shop for? View Results

Tack Shopping Choices

Ended 12/1/2015 with 692 Votes

Where do you buy most of your tack and horse supplies (not including hay/feed)? View Results

Best Equine Nutrition Information Sources

Ended 11/24/2015 with 457 Votes

Where do you turn first for equine nutrition information? View Results

Saddle Fitting Solutions

Ended 11/17/2015 with 770 Votes

How have you most commonly dealt with saddle fitting problems for your horses? View Results

Unwanted Barn Guests

Ended 11/10/2015 with 1338 Votes

What rodent control methods do you use/are used in your barn or horse feed storage areas? View Results

Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Ended 11/3/2015 with 775 Votes

Have you owned or ridden an off-track Thoroughbred? If so, tell us about your experiences in the comments below! View Results

Horsey Halloween Traditions

Ended 10/27/2015 with 482 Votes

Do you dress up your horse or have any other horsey Halloween traditions? Tell us about them in the comments! View Results

Senior Superstars

Ended 10/20/2015 with 1943 Votes

How old is the oldest horse that you currently own or care for? View Results

Rehabbing Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Ended 10/13/2015 with 571 Votes

Have you ever rehabbed a horse from a tendon or ligament injury? If so, what were the results? View Results

Blanket Planning

Ended 10/6/2015 with 1401 Votes

Do you plan on blanketing your horse this fall and winter? View Results

Your Significant Other's Equine Involvement

Ended 9/29/2015 with 1111 Votes

How involved is your significant other with horses? View Results

Horse Hauling Options

Ended 9/22/2015 with 964 Votes

How to you haul or ship your horse? View Results

Saddle Collections

Ended 9/15/2015 with 1337 Votes

How many saddles do you currently own? (Please share what kinds and how you ended up with your collection in the comments below!) View Results

Saddle Fitting

Ended 9/8/2015 with 843 Votes

Have you had a professional saddle fitter evaluate your horse and tack? View Results