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Natural Disaster Planning

Ended 8/25/2015 with 351 Votes

How prepared are you and your horse for a natural disaster, such as the wildfires currently out West? View Results

Stay Hydrated!

Ended 8/18/2015 with 748 Votes

How do you ensure your horse consumes an adequate amount of water? View Results

Addressing Hoof Abscesses

Ended 8/11/2015 with 1076 Votes

What's the first thing you typically do if you suspect your horse has a hoof abscess? View Results

Helmet Safety

Ended 8/4/2015 with 1694 Votes

Do you wear a helmet when you ride? View Results

Horse Farm Makeover

Ended 7/28/2015 with 1036 Votes

If you could design (or redesign) something on your horse property, what would be the first thing that you would work on? Please explain below. View Results

A Breath of Fresh Air

Ended 7/21/2015 with 760 Votes

How do you keep fresh air flowing through your barn or other buildings on your farm? View Results

Fencing Options

Ended 7/14/2015 with 873 Votes

What type of fencing is used on your horse farm or facility? View Results

Electrolytes for Horses

Ended 7/7/2015 with 804 Votes

Do you give your horse electrolytes? View Results

Getting A Closer Look

Ended 6/30/2015 with 375 Votes

What types of imaging has your veterinarian most recently used on your horse? Tell us about your experiences below. View Results

Senior Horse Health Issues

Ended 6/23/2015 with 517 Votes

What's your biggest senior horse concern? View Results

It's Hot Outside!

Ended 6/16/2015 with 1474 Votes

I don't ride my horses when it's warmer than: View Results

Automatic Waterers

Ended 6/9/2015 with 338 Votes

What brand of automatic waterer do you use or are you most familiar with? View Results

Horse Feed Amounts

Ended 6/2/2015 with 1278 Votes

How much grain or concentrate feed does your horse receive each day? View Results

Trees Toxic to Horses

Ended 5/26/2015 with 673 Votes

What toxic trees are you most concerned about on your pastures/property? View Results

Equine Welfare Issues

Ended 5/19/2015 with 1238 Votes

Which of the following equine welfare issues is most concerning to you? View Results

Summer Travel Plans

Ended 5/12/2015 with 674 Votes

If you're traveling with your horse this summer, what is the farthest distance you plan to go? View Results

Horsey Vacations

Ended 5/5/2015 with 571 Votes

How do you typically use the majority of your vacation days? View Results

Horse Shopping Distance

Ended 4/28/2015 with 652 Votes

When shopping or looking for a new horse, how far do you extend your geographical search? View Results

Horse Watering Options

Ended 4/21/2015 with 1144 Votes

How do you currently water your horses? View Results

The Organized Horse Owner

Ended 4/14/2015 with 664 Votes

How do you keep and store your horse's health, training, and/or management records? View Results

Spring Fever!

Ended 4/7/2015 with 577 Votes

What gives you the biggest case of horse-related spring fever? View Results

Adopting a Wild Horse

Ended 3/31/2015 with 620 Votes

Have you considered adopting a wild horse from the BLM or National Parks Service? (Tell us why or why not, or about your experience!) View Results

Starting Horses Under Saddle

Ended 3/24/2015 with 700 Votes

Have you ever started a horse under saddle yourself? Please tell us why or why not and about your experiences! View Results

Flooding and Horse Facilities

Ended 3/17/2015 with 585 Votes

How do you manage flooding near or around your horse barn or facility? View Results

Veterinarian Communication

Ended 3/10/2015 with 690 Votes

How do you communicate most with your horse's vet? View Results