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Mud Management Projects

Ended 10/11/2016 with 545 Votes

Do you have any of the following horse-farm mud-management projects in the works for this fall? Tell us about your plans! View Results

Social Media: How Do You Get Equine Information?

Ended 10/4/2016 with 613 Votes

Which of the following social media outlets do you use to share or gather horse-related information (check all that apply)? Please explain your answer in the comments below! View Results


Ended 9/27/2016 with 458 Votes

Do you know what leptospirosis is? View Results

Treats: Yay or Neigh?

Ended 9/20/2016 with 1452 Votes

Do you give your horse treats? Please explain why/why not in the comments below! View Results

Horses Learning From Each Other

Ended 9/13/2016 with 500 Votes

A study showed naive horses that watched an experienced horse perform a scary task reacted less fearfully when it was their turn. Have you used an older, more experienced horse to help inexperienced ones through new situations? Tell us about it! View Results

Laminitis Experience

Ended 9/6/2016 with 585 Votes

Have you owned or managed a horse with laminitis? If so, tell us about your experiences in the comments below. View Results

Horse Water Options

Ended 8/30/2016 with 1413 Votes

Where does your horse get his water? View Results

Horse Camping Options

Ended 8/23/2016 with 669 Votes

What would you prefer for camping with your horse? View Results

WNV Protection

Ended 8/16/2016 with 832 Votes

Is your horse up-to-date on his West Nile virus vaccine? View Results

If You Won The Lottery...

Ended 8/9/2016 with 1296 Votes

If you won the lottery, how would you spend it on horses? View Results

Farm and Liability Insurance

Ended 8/2/2016 with 325 Votes

Do you have a farm policy or extra liability insurance (such as an umbrella policy) to protect you and your property because you own horses? Tell us about your insurance decisions! View Results

Trailer Loading Competency

Ended 7/26/2016 with 901 Votes

If you went out to load your horse into a trailer right now, are you confident he or she would get in on the first try? Tell us why or why not! View Results

Summer Arena Dust Control

Ended 7/19/2016 with 299 Votes

What do you (or your barn owner) use for arena dust control? View Results

Horse Housing

Ended 7/12/2016 with 974 Votes

Where does your horse currently live? View Results

Horse Insurance

Ended 7/5/2016 with 448 Votes

Do you currently have medical or mortality insurance on your horse? Tell us which kind and why or why not! View Results

Stocking Up On Hay

Ended 6/28/2016 with 1102 Votes

How frequently do you buy hay for your horses? View Results

Horse Training Help

Ended 6/21/2016 with 685 Votes

When you're facing a training issue with your horse, who do you turn to for help? View Results

Forage and Feed

Ended 6/14/2016 with 674 Votes

In addition to hay or pasture grass, does your horse's daily diet include any grains, feeds, concentrates, or supplements? Tell us about your feed decisions! View Results

Saddle Type on the Trail

Ended 6/7/2016 with 765 Votes

When you head out for a trail ride or hack, what kind of saddle are you most likely to use? View Results

Horses Living With Livestock

Ended 5/31/2016 with 362 Votes

In addition to horses, do you own or keep any other types of livestock? (If you do, tell us which kinds and how you manage them with your horses! Do they get along with your horses, and how do you prevent disease spread between species?) View Results

Volunteering in the Horse World

Ended 5/24/2016 with 633 Votes

Do you volunteer your time in the horse industry (with youth associations, breed clubs, trail organizations, rescues, therapeutic riding centers, etc.)? If so, let us know about your experiences! View Results

Favorite Time of Day at the Barn

Ended 5/17/2016 with 811 Votes

What's your favorite time of the day to spend with your horses? View Results

It's Derby Week!

Ended 5/10/2016 with 702 Votes

How do you plan on watching the Kentucky Derby? View Results

Fly Masked-Marauders

Ended 5/3/2016 with 661 Votes

Does your horse regularly wear a fly mask during spring and summer? If so, tell us why and please share your tips for keeping it on him! View Results

Pasture Access

Ended 4/26/2016 with 1442 Votes

How much access does your horse have to fresh pasture during the spring and summer? View Results