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Resolution Complete?

Ended 1/4/2011 with 337 Votes

Did you fulfill for your horsey resolution for 2010?
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Cold Weather Riding

Ended 12/28/2010 with 1001 Votes

Do you continue to ride your horse(s) during the winter?
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Horsey Holiday

Ended 12/21/2010 with 1418 Votes

What are your horse's favorite holiday treats?
(Select all that apply)
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Oi Vey!

Ended 12/14/2010 with 728 Votes

Have you ever had to treat your horse(s) for gastric ulcers?
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Foal Foundations

Ended 12/7/2010 with 499 Votes

At what age do you start feeding your foal(s) supplements?
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Snow Shoes

Ended 11/30/2010 with 920 Votes

Do you change your horse's shoes during the winter?
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Ice Water

Ended 11/23/2010 with 1086 Votes

How do you keep your horses' water in the barn from freezing during the winter?
(Choose your top two answers)
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Foaling Problems

Ended 11/16/2010 with 333 Votes

Have you ever experienced a foaling dystocia?
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ID, Please

Ended 11/9/2010 with 868 Votes

What kind of identification does your horse have?
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Prime Target

Ended 11/2/2010 with 938 Votes

Which domestic animal do you think is most likely to contract rabies?
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Rabies Knowledge

Ended 10/26/2010 with 487 Votes

How knowledgeable are you about equine rabies?
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Vaccination Regimen

Ended 10/19/2010 with 739 Votes

How often do you vaccinate your horse for rabies?
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Rabies Vaccination

Ended 10/12/2010 with 846 Votes

Is your horse vaccinated against rabies?
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Deworming Decisions

Ended 10/5/2010 with 475 Votes

What drives your deworming product selection decision?
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Deworming Do Si Do

Ended 9/28/2010 with 806 Votes

What would make you stop using a rotational deworming program?
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WNV Vaccine Knowledge

Ended 9/21/2010 with 394 Votes

Do you know which WNV or WNV-combo vaccine your horse gets?
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Rabies Aware

Ended 9/14/2010 with 1018 Votes

If you knew rabies had been found in wildlife in your area, would you vaccinate your horse for it?
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Information Overload

Ended 9/7/2010 with 444 Votes

Where do you get most of your deworming information?
(Choose your top one)
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Choose Your Weapon

Ended 8/31/2010 with 462 Votes

Which of the following dewormers do you use to treat encysted small strongyles?
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Battling Resistance

Ended 8/24/2010 with 280 Votes

Have you experienced parasite resistance to anthelmintics with your deworming program?
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Worrisome Worms

Ended 8/17/2010 with 395 Votes

What is your most important parasite concern?
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Testing, Testing

Ended 8/10/2010 with 591 Votes

Does your veterinarian recommend fecal egg count exams?
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Wild Problem

Ended 8/3/2010 with 1666 Votes

What do you think should happen with wild/feral horses?
(Select all that apply)
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Cool Housing

Ended 7/27/2010 with 931 Votes

How do you keep your barn cool during the summer?
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Online Education

Ended 7/20/2010 with 467 Votes

What time of day (or night) would be best for you to catch an online webinar or live chat event related to horse health care? (All times Eastern U.S.)
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