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Colic Surgery

Ended 2/28/2017 with 1116 Votes

How likely would you be to have colic surgery for your horse if it was necessary? View Results

Complementary Therapies

Ended 2/21/2017 with 665 Votes

Which complementary therapies does your horse receive on a routine basis? (Choose all that apply) View Results

Pasture Buddies

Ended 2/14/2017 with 1293 Votes

How many other horses does your horse get turned out with? View Results

Equine Dental Care

Ended 2/7/2017 with 911 Votes

Has your horse had a dental exam or treatment in the past 12 months? View Results

A Trip to the Vet

Ended 1/31/2017 with 1008 Votes

How far are you located from your veterinarian's office/clinic (or home in the case of ambulatory vets)? View Results

University Equine Hospitals

Ended 1/24/2017 with 516 Votes

Have you ever taken your horse to a university veterinary teaching hospital for diagnosis and/or treatment? Tell us why or why not and share your experiences! View Results

Winter Horse Care Concerns

Ended 1/17/2017 with 556 Votes

What's your biggest concern during the cold winter months? View Results

Dealing with Ice and Horses

Ended 1/10/2017 with 395 Votes

Ice (either on the ground or falling) is dangerous for both horses and humans. Is ice a problem on your horse property? If so, share your solutions for dealing with ice and keeping your horse safe! View Results

Horsey New Year's Resolutions

Ended 1/3/2017 with 220 Votes

Do you have any horse-related New Year's resolutions for 2017? Tell us about them in the comments! View Results

Has The Horse Helped?

Ended 12/27/2016 with 242 Votes

Have you ever talked to your veterinarian about an equine health problem based on information you received from The Horse magazine or TheHorse.com? Please explain in the comments! View Results

Joint Injections

Ended 12/20/2016 with 442 Votes

Are joint injections a regular part of your horse's joint management program? Please explain in the comments! View Results

Visits from the Vet

Ended 12/13/2016 with 682 Votes

How often does your veterinarian see your horse(s)? View Results

Enriching Your Horse's Environment

Ended 12/6/2016 with 371 Votes

Do you provide your horse with enrichments such as toys? (If so, tell us what your horse enjoys playing with!) View Results

Paying for Horse Health Care

Ended 11/29/2016 with 743 Votes

How do you pay for the veterinary care your horse needs? View Results

Booster Vaccines

Ended 11/22/2016 with 412 Votes

Did your horse receive boosters for equine herpesvirus and influenza this fall? Tell us why or why not! View Results

Weighty Feed Options

Ended 11/15/2016 with 758 Votes

Do you use a scale to weigh your horses' feed and forage? View Results

Body Clipping for Winter

Ended 11/8/2016 with 1114 Votes

Do you clip your horse during the winter? If so, what kind of clip? View Results

Managing Working Horses

Ended 11/1/2016 with 258 Votes

Do you manage or care for horses in a lesson program, dude string, or riding program? Tell us about your experiences! View Results

Horse Bedding Choices

Ended 10/25/2016 with 1087 Votes

What kind of bedding do you use in your horse's stall? View Results

Winter Boarding and Riding Inside

Ended 10/18/2016 with 1300 Votes

Do you keep your horse at a barn with an indoor/covered arena during the winter months? View Results

Mud Management Projects

Ended 10/11/2016 with 545 Votes

Do you have any of the following horse-farm mud-management projects in the works for this fall? Tell us about your plans! View Results

Social Media: How Do You Get Equine Information?

Ended 10/4/2016 with 613 Votes

Which of the following social media outlets do you use to share or gather horse-related information (check all that apply)? Please explain your answer in the comments below! View Results


Ended 9/27/2016 with 458 Votes

Do you know what leptospirosis is? View Results

Treats: Yay or Neigh?

Ended 9/20/2016 with 1452 Votes

Do you give your horse treats? Please explain why/why not in the comments below! View Results

Horses Learning From Each Other

Ended 9/13/2016 with 500 Votes

A study showed naive horses that watched an experienced horse perform a scary task reacted less fearfully when it was their turn. Have you used an older, more experienced horse to help inexperienced ones through new situations? Tell us about it! View Results