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Accurate Relief?

Ended 3/6/2012 with 507 Votes

Have you used acupuncture as a means of pain relief for your horse?
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Can't Tie Me Down

Ended 2/28/2012 with 863 Votes

How do you restrain your horse for grooming and tacking?
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Chill Down

Ended 2/21/2012 with 853 Votes

How do you safely cool your horse out during the winter months?
(Choose the top two)
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On the Right Hoof

Ended 2/14/2012 with 835 Votes

How often do you pick out your horse's hooves?
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Horse Shopping

Ended 2/7/2012 with 711 Votes

How did you acquire your most recently obtained horse?
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Warm and Wooly?

Ended 1/31/2012 with 897 Votes

How do you maintain your horse's coat during the winter?
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Cold Weather Colic

Ended 1/24/2012 with 597 Votes

As an owner, have you experienced bouts of cold weather colic with your horse(s)?
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No More Cold Metal

Ended 1/17/2012 with 788 Votes

How do you warm up your horse's bit pre-ride during cold weather?
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Location, Location

Ended 1/10/2012 with 581 Votes

Do you keep your horse(s) in rural, suburban, or urban facilities?
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Food for Fuel

Ended 1/3/2012 with 1841 Votes

How do you maintain your horse's healthy body score when temperatures dip?
(Select all that apply)
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A Healthy New Year

Ended 12/27/2011 with 332 Votes

What are your horse health resolutions for 2012?
(Select all that apply)
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Holiday Specials

Ended 12/20/2011 with 462 Votes

What are you planning to get your equine family member(s) this holiday season?
(Choose all that apply)
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Vaccine Features

Ended 12/13/2011 with 375 Votes

What feature is most important to you when it comes to an equine vaccine?
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Using Coupons

Ended 12/6/2011 with 331 Votes

If you use coupons when buying barn products, how do you prefer to receive them?
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Extreme Equine Coupons

Ended 11/29/2011 with 425 Votes

Do you use coupons to save money while shopping for barn products?
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Horse TV

Ended 11/22/2011 with 528 Votes

What horse television programs do you watch?
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Difficulty Breathing

Ended 11/15/2011 with 313 Votes

Of the classic signs of inflammatory airway disease listed below, which one does your horse exhibit most frequently?
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Compounded Options

Ended 11/8/2011 with 282 Votes

Are you comfortable giving your horse compounded drugs instead of FDA-approved medications, despite potential issues related to efficacy and stability?
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Leg Protection

Ended 11/1/2011 with 859 Votes

What kind of leg protection does your horse generally wear during exercise?
(Choose the top two most used.)
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Play Time

Ended 10/25/2011 with 518 Votes

Does your horse have any stall or pasture toys?
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Bulking Up

Ended 10/18/2011 with 641 Votes

Do you offer your horses extra feed as winter approaches?
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Clip Job

Ended 10/11/2011 with 714 Votes

Do you body clip your horses in the Fall/Winter?
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Pain Relievers

Ended 10/4/2011 with 430 Votes

What do you and your veterinarian use to treat your horse when he's in pain?
(Select all that apply)
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Warning Signs

Ended 9/27/2011 with 1838 Votes

What signs do you look for in your horse that might indicate he's in pain?
(Select all that apply)
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Seasonal Conditioning

Ended 9/20/2011 with 475 Votes

How much do you exercise your horse in fall/winter compared to spring/summer?
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