Horseless Time of Life

Have you ever spent a period of time during your life horseless (not owning or regularly riding/working with horses)? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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It was terrible.

9/18/2017 11:02:30 PM

I was not able to have a horse because my job required me to be away from home 5 days/week.

9/18/2017 10:56:43 PM

Parents cut me off. Spent 10 yrs without. Have them ever since again. Yay!!!

9/18/2017 10:10:49 PM

I felt totally without purpose

9/18/2017 9:27:25 PM

When my parents cut me off. I went 10 sad years without horses. I have had them again ever since!

9/18/2017 8:55:33 PM

Yes during pregnancy and first baby years

9/18/2017 8:54:10 PM

Took time to raise a child until she wanted a horse.

9/18/2017 8:48:57 PM

While only a few months,it was most miserable time I can recall. Hole in my spirit.

9/18/2017 8:10:57 PM

I wouldn't even know what horseless means!

9/18/2017 8:00:16 PM

Those were my sad years. So blessed to have found my way back to the horses.

9/18/2017 6:27:28 PM

Horrible! Going on now and I am not sure what to do about it!

9/18/2017 5:50:20 PM

I am in my 3rd year of not riding even though I still have three horses. A back injury and Parkinso

9/18/2017 5:31:38 PM

Horseless between age 11 to 64, then bought a horse for me and my granddaughter to share.

9/18/2017 5:25:21 PM

six long months no horse

9/18/2017 5:04:05 PM

Two periods of work induced horselessness. Lots of traveling and irregular work schedules .

9/18/2017 4:47:02 PM

It was awful! Getting a horse made all the difference in my outlook.

9/18/2017 4:11:44 PM

Spent 20 years without horses while raising 4 kids. Always felt like I was missing my best friend.

9/18/2017 2:53:25 PM

After just getting a horse about 2 weeks ago... the past 20 years were the longest in my life.

9/18/2017 12:44:38 PM

due to lack of time &/or $$. It always left a hole i my soul.

9/18/2017 12:17:43 PM

Parents dictated no horses while in college. I did poorly until I was allowed to take lessons again!

9/18/2017 10:54:40 AM

Yes. Suffered show burnout twice & sold everything, Mistake!

9/18/2017 10:28:44 AM

I have always been ablet to find horse people and a horse to ride!!!

9/18/2017 10:04:32 AM

Leaves a big hole in my life,

9/18/2017 9:14:40 AM

Even a near-fatal car accident couldn't keep me away from the barn!

9/18/2017 9:10:52 AM

University. Tough three years.

9/17/2017 9:44:44 PM


9/17/2017 9:35:14 PM

Life is lonely without a horse

9/17/2017 8:37:25 PM

Military life and training can limit horse time and occasionally make you horseless.

9/17/2017 8:34:29 PM

I had three babies in 4 years and just could not spend quality or play time with my boy-Cheyenne

9/17/2017 5:24:42 PM

I wished forever for a horse and finally got one after I turned 40.

9/17/2017 3:49:36 PM

I grew up raising and showing. I spent the first 25 years of my adult life living in the city.

9/17/2017 3:09:09 PM

had my horse stolen 2 years ago :(

9/17/2017 3:02:47 PM


9/17/2017 11:55:24 AM

parents sold my horse early teens, couldn't replace until after college

9/17/2017 11:22:04 AM

my senior year of high school was spent overseas without an opportunity to ride

9/16/2017 5:04:28 PM

Totally miserable without them. Missed these sweet loving animals. They provide a sense of peace

9/16/2017 4:52:35 PM

Before I got my first horse when I was 12, I grew up with only the plastic ones!

9/16/2017 4:06:09 PM

During college and some high school, I did not have access to horses. A sad thing, indeed.

9/16/2017 3:12:08 PM

pretty much my entire life, until the last 4 years.

9/16/2017 1:14:07 PM

It's madness, sadness, and lonely

9/16/2017 11:57:51 AM

Really Sucked!

9/16/2017 11:48:58 AM

Did not own horses until I was 67 yrs old and had to learn everything from scratch. Many mistakes.

9/16/2017 9:04:46 AM

from around 16 years of age until my early 30s i didnt have a horse. firstly due to finding boys..

9/16/2017 5:14:38 AM

Since I was eight years old, horses have been a consistent presence in my life.

9/16/2017 1:47:19 AM

Cranky and worked way too many hours

9/16/2017 12:17:31 AM

I was horseless for a three year period. For the 30 years after that I've had equines.

9/15/2017 11:38:40 PM

Recovering from a bad call.

9/15/2017 11:33:15 PM

During College and first 3 years after

9/15/2017 11:07:26 PM

yes, I married someone who said I could keep me horses nut that changed overnight. What a mistake I

9/15/2017 9:29:25 PM

During the 20 years my spouse was active duty militar.

9/15/2017 9:26:56 PM

1 yr after severe fall. Stable helped get me back riding.

9/15/2017 8:26:01 PM

Got married, I smartened up and got rid of the man, much happier with the horse ;-)

9/15/2017 7:39:57 PM

Didn't get my first horse until I was 47 years of age, but now, 27 years later, I have two.

9/15/2017 6:26:52 PM

Yes, when I travelled a great deal for my job, had no horses for 7 years.

9/15/2017 5:33:19 PM

My horse is in another province with my mother while im in college

9/15/2017 5:25:41 PM

I've had horses and cared for them since I was 7 years old. I hope to have them til I'm very old.

9/15/2017 3:11:00 PM

Never have been able to stay away too long, addicting

9/15/2017 1:45:46 PM

Life and death got in the way of horse ownership

9/15/2017 12:25:06 PM

always loved horses but never had any until I rescued these 4 and I am 58 with alot to learn .

9/15/2017 12:22:11 PM

Mildly depressed!

9/15/2017 11:08:15 AM

When my last horse was humanely euthanased (Cushings), I agreed to have left knee and hip replaced w

9/15/2017 9:26:46 AM

About 30 years away from active horse duty. They were too expensive along with raising a family.

9/15/2017 2:57:00 AM

the first part of my life was without a horse but always with the desire. Finally my dream is true.

9/15/2017 12:13:37 AM

Had to give up horses for retirement. Not a day goes by that I don't miss them.

9/14/2017 11:46:21 PM

worst times of my life. nothing relaxes me and makes me feel more at ease like riding

9/14/2017 11:10:45 PM

Got first horse at 22-first job after college. 10 years later went 5 years without. Missed them!!!!!

9/14/2017 10:05:45 PM

I found I was not really me, with out them.

9/14/2017 9:41:30 PM

25 long horseless years. Have them again now! :-)

9/14/2017 9:05:16 PM

Sadly let education/career needs get in the way of horses for 20 years, biggest regret of my life.

9/14/2017 8:28:52 PM

Have had horses from the time I was ten years old and still own them at 49 years old

9/14/2017 8:03:58 PM

Being horseless has pretty much been 95% of my life. I'm too poor to ride the dream.

9/14/2017 7:08:24 PM


9/14/2017 7:03:15 PM

I was without a horse for several yrs. Found a therapeutic riding program to get my horse fix <3.

9/14/2017 6:39:05 PM

I spent quite a fews years between the death of my 1st horse and my current horse. I'd had several o

9/14/2017 6:14:46 PM

I've been fortunate to start with my own horse at age 9 and still have one at 53. Lucky girl.

9/14/2017 5:30:02 PM

I was seriously injured by a hard buckng TW. I haven't been able to build my confidence up.

9/14/2017 5:28:38 PM

Lost my boy a few years ago always had horses. Broken hearted. I feel lost completely.

9/14/2017 5:09:25 PM

Moved to large city for employment, returned 22 years later and went right back to it!

9/14/2017 4:37:01 PM


9/14/2017 4:32:11 PM

During my college years

9/14/2017 3:38:14 PM

one year while at college. other than that, i have owned and ridden horses all my 56 year life

9/14/2017 2:28:27 PM

It was awful! Had no idea what to do with myself!

9/14/2017 1:14:45 PM

I was horseless from birth through 18 years. Couldn't wait to get a horse!

9/14/2017 11:59:08 AM

Yes! Had to sell off my horses twice after becoming divorced and moving into a city apt. Hated it!

9/14/2017 11:20:54 AM

All during college & when I first met my husband.

9/14/2017 10:32:37 AM

Didn't have horses in my like until I was 50. Didn't know what I was missing

9/14/2017 9:49:04 AM

when in college and couldn't stand it!

9/14/2017 9:36:26 AM

Horseless during undergrad/grad school, tried to stay away during first "adult" years ha!

9/14/2017 8:38:24 AM

No horse since 2012 due to job loss, can't afford lessons with a decent trainer.

9/14/2017 7:49:03 AM

Yes, the 1st 7 years of my life, then my grandfather put me up for the 1st time and I was hooked.

9/14/2017 4:49:39 AM

not yet but i'm only 64!!

9/14/2017 2:09:57 AM

I lost my old horse in 2009,There was a lost feeling in my life a part of life was missing, I

9/14/2017 1:38:40 AM

My Quarterhorse, Moonbeam, died in 2015 at the age of 40. I'd had her 32 years. Heartbreaking.

9/14/2017 12:28:51 AM

Only in college, hated being without my horses

9/13/2017 11:34:25 PM

Yes to experience a "normal" life but deep down I missed horses and returned after 18 yrs.

9/13/2017 10:12:39 PM

2 yrs stint of misery. Now happily aquired 3 rescues we board & love.

9/13/2017 10:01:37 PM

Moved to the city for one year & had to leave my horse on the farm back home.

9/13/2017 9:30:43 PM

It was awful. 0/10 experience

9/13/2017 9:19:15 PM

I hate it! I can't afford it right now (stupid bills, mortgage, etc)... Makes me unhappy...

9/13/2017 8:45:56 PM

It was a sad time. I missed ridding so very much

9/13/2017 8:29:45 PM

About a decade after a bad accident.

9/13/2017 8:00:08 PM

I went from showing for 10 years to not riding for 30 years. When I retired and had the time again,

9/13/2017 7:55:23 PM

Working in the city. No time to give the horse the life they deserve

9/13/2017 6:42:41 PM

33 to 53. Felt I wasn't me, some part missing, depressed, anxious ALL the time. Have 2 now, happy

9/13/2017 5:03:25 PM

I am probably the more typical go to college, lose the horse, get married, get divorced, get a horse

9/13/2017 4:23:36 PM

It's awful. I have had back operations so I can not stand up with any strength, let alone look after

9/13/2017 4:18:44 PM

Life Changes due to divorce. Miss the riding and the caregiving.

9/13/2017 4:17:58 PM

No horse in 45 years. Now I groom every week. The horse and I love and adore each other!

9/13/2017 2:45:26 PM

The first 12 years of my life were horseless, but the last 45 I've never been without.

9/13/2017 2:40:14 PM

I'm 42. At 12 I got my first horse and have had 1 or more ever since.

9/13/2017 2:29:13 PM

Whilst studying at University I had no car, moved to a large city and didn't know any local people.

9/13/2017 2:19:42 PM

It was during a school/work/relationship transition in my life. I again have horses now!

9/13/2017 2:03:45 PM

Got my first pony on my 9th birthday. Never been without an equine since.

9/13/2017 1:48:06 PM

Due to financial reasons I have been without horses for way to long...it's killing me.

9/13/2017 1:14:26 PM

Twenty year break due to work and life circumstances. Never to be horseless again.

9/13/2017 1:05:48 PM

didnt like it much.

9/13/2017 12:13:01 PM

It was depressing, I lost my sense of self. I spent way to much time in a bad realationship.

9/13/2017 11:17:36 AM

A year without horses cured my barn burnout and reminded me of how much I love to ride!

9/13/2017 10:57:48 AM

lonely, identity issues, emptiness

9/13/2017 10:40:33 AM

I didn't get my first horse until I was 50-years-old.

9/13/2017 10:21:43 AM

During college

9/13/2017 10:18:20 AM

3 times in past 63 years without a horse. Always dreaming of next equine companion.

9/13/2017 9:57:42 AM

My children's school years due to income limitations

9/13/2017 9:51:45 AM

In the military then bumming around.

9/13/2017 8:54:05 AM

Lif with horse began in 1965 and my life still revolves around theem. My horses live with me

9/13/2017 8:22:11 AM

I've always enjoyed being around horses

9/13/2017 6:34:18 AM

Took a break to clear my mind and experience other things during my first year of college

9/12/2017 9:43:00 PM

broken hip! no riding for 4 months=missed riding & equine very patient and happy of vacation

9/12/2017 9:28:32 PM

I had to give up horses while I was a single mom with 2 kids. All $$ went to college funds

9/12/2017 9:13:12 PM

I didn't realize how much I missed my "horse world" until six years ago when I started actively ridi

9/12/2017 9:07:20 PM

No I've owned horses 52 years. Truly Blessed!

9/12/2017 8:42:15 PM

College & getting established in my career left me horseless for about 15 yrs., missed it!

9/12/2017 8:32:42 PM

When I got married we sailed for 2 years.

9/12/2017 8:00:27 PM

I had more money when I didn't have a horse. this is my first horse and I love her to bits

9/12/2017 6:49:44 PM

After a fall = fractures & concussion, I was unble to drive to the barn or ride for 4 months

9/12/2017 6:21:07 PM

Didn't ride until I turned 40. Now I can't stop.

9/12/2017 6:13:35 PM

Had horses since I was 10; at 26 needed surgery & I had to give up my horse; it was very difficult.

9/12/2017 6:11:37 PM

6 months now. First time without a horse in 32 yrs. It's been depressing.....

9/12/2017 5:39:48 PM

Not since I was 10

9/12/2017 5:14:57 PM

when i was a kid.

9/12/2017 5:08:05 PM

I have had several periods of time when I have been unable to even go to my barn, twelve steps away.

9/12/2017 4:42:08 PM

Went through a 5 yr period where I felt I didn't have the moral right to tell a horse what to do.

9/12/2017 4:23:32 PM

Having horses is central to who I am. They keep me grounded, active, kind, understanding and curious

9/12/2017 4:16:50 PM

After my husband and I bought our first house and had a child and I reduced my work to part time.

9/12/2017 4:16:25 PM

Yes age 20-42 & decided at age 43 to drop the boyfriend & get the horse - best decision ever!!!!

9/12/2017 4:11:43 PM

Multiple times, going to college & starting career, older horses passing, now again have a new one

9/12/2017 4:11:34 PM

Something precious was missing in my life without horses

9/12/2017 4:00:37 PM


9/12/2017 3:41:57 PM

Finally got one when 57. Now 80. Have two.Love and ride/work them 3-4 times/week.

9/12/2017 3:38:35 PM

56 years old and horseless for the first time in my life. Thank God I shoe horses for a living.

9/12/2017 2:06:35 PM


9/12/2017 2:02:25 PM

After a near fatal car accident I was unable to walk let alone take care of horse(s)

9/12/2017 1:39:02 PM

From about age 16 to 30.

9/12/2017 1:37:23 PM

Fortunate enough to grow up on a horse farm & have been around them since I could walk!

9/12/2017 12:08:42 PM

work required travel 5-6 days a week,no time left for horses

9/12/2017 11:50:51 AM