Compounded Options

Are you comfortable giving your horse compounded drugs instead of FDA-approved medications, despite potential issues related to efficacy and stability?


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Use accredited compounding pharmacy only(Pergolide & enrofloxacin)

11/7/2011 9:08:26 PM

I only use ones well labeled by my vet.

11/7/2011 7:58:05 PM

I really don't use drugs with my horses. They are well fed, and receive routine vet care

11/7/2011 6:01:56 PM

Why would my vet do that....give me/my horse something that was not FDA approved?

11/7/2011 10:24:37 AM

I have confidence in my vet to provide care for my horse, including meds.

11/7/2011 7:35:41 AM

A compounded drug from the pharmacy is no more risky than offshore manufactured big name products.

11/6/2011 6:24:27 AM

compounded pergolide has been working so far

11/5/2011 11:32:57 PM

I have used compounded drug that helps hives when my horses are bitten by bugs

11/5/2011 11:28:49 AM

I've had the experience of the compounding companies not putting the active ingredient in their meds

11/5/2011 9:41:40 AM

I trust my compounding pharmacy.

11/4/2011 5:21:26 PM

just becouse the FDA approved the drug doesnt mean that it has been tested for side effects which ca

11/4/2011 4:34:20 PM

I have used compounded prescriptions for my own health. I have an excellent pharmacist.

11/4/2011 3:59:28 PM

just can't get my head around Ifeel my comfort level is with FDA drugs.t..

11/4/2011 7:13:12 AM

Oh dear. We're back to the boring surveys!

11/3/2011 5:31:04 PM

It depends entirely on the pharmacist & their practices

11/3/2011 4:23:32 PM

have only used an injectable version of ReguMate

11/3/2011 4:11:05 PM

I'm not really comfortable giving any drugs unless I know ALL about them.

11/3/2011 3:54:20 PM

I dont use compound drugs

11/3/2011 3:37:16 PM

haven't had to do this.

11/3/2011 3:30:09 PM

Why force Nasty flavored Wormer when a little apple flavor makes it fun?

11/3/2011 3:29:30 PM

If my vet approves, its okay with me. I trust her medical knowledge for my pony.

11/3/2011 3:06:30 PM

I use only commercially available FDA approved drugs from a licensed pharmacist.

11/3/2011 3:03:40 PM

As long as it comes from a reputable compounding company

11/3/2011 8:57:40 AM

depends on circumstances and has to be vet recommended

11/2/2011 7:53:28 PM

But only if ordered by my vet

11/2/2011 7:48:32 PM

I use compounder Pergolide, very cost effective and potent

11/2/2011 6:19:17 PM

If my vet thinks they work well than so do I

11/2/2011 5:33:20 PM

I have used them before with success.

11/2/2011 4:59:39 PM

If my vet recommends it, I'm OK with it.

11/2/2011 4:25:05 PM

Yes, where there are no FDA options; pergolide is the big one

11/2/2011 12:21:19 PM

As a DAM, I obtain my compounded drugs from a single reputable company.

11/2/2011 11:30:35 AM

compunded drugs can be tailored to individual needs and are easier to administer, getting full dose

11/2/2011 10:56:26 AM

Based on vets recommendation only.

11/2/2011 10:53:41 AM

I would need discussion with my vet re efficacy and rationale for using instead of approved drugs

11/2/2011 10:09:33 AM

the FDA is overprotective-there are many off-label useful drugs

11/2/2011 9:35:36 AM

Some drugs are only available as compounded drugs (pergolide)

11/2/2011 9:28:12 AM

Compounded Pergolide has been a lifesaver for my gelding.

11/2/2011 9:10:56 AM

Have used compounded drugs for some time now with no problems. We raise and race Standardbreds.

11/2/2011 8:09:26 AM

only if my vet prescribes it and can assure me of the product's safety

11/2/2011 7:07:39 AM

Yes but i rely on my vet for reputable pharmacies. Only his recommendation is satisfactory.

11/1/2011 9:48:29 PM

i am using pergolide and have used compounded eye meds. sometimes there is no choice.

11/1/2011 8:57:42 PM

If recommended / overseen by my vet

11/1/2011 8:52:04 PM

I use a pharmacy highly recommended by others.

11/1/2011 8:24:01 PM

But, it would depend on the compounding Pharmacy

11/1/2011 8:02:46 PM

I use a compounder highoy recommended by my vet.

11/1/2011 7:00:07 PM

Yes, but only when my vet approves & utilizes the compounding manufacturer, too.

11/1/2011 6:20:16 PM

under certain circumstances

11/1/2011 4:34:52 PM

Absolutely! Been using compounded pergolide for 8 years - great results and affordable!

11/1/2011 4:23:17 PM

Sad to say but almost ALL OUR DRUGS come from overseas and there is little control out of country.

11/1/2011 4:16:03 PM

A qualified "yes". So far, no problems.

11/1/2011 4:11:32 PM

Compounded pergolide is affordable.

11/1/2011 4:10:05 PM

yes, if my vet prescribes it

11/1/2011 4:05:46 PM

I use a pharmacy that I can depend on. I think that is what you have to check out before using them.

11/1/2011 3:56:59 PM

Pergolide has been working great, don't need to spend more then twice as much for the same results

11/1/2011 3:46:47 PM

I used compounded pergolide for my Cushings horse

11/1/2011 2:21:29 PM

Yes if there are no other options available. Still use caution.

11/1/2011 11:49:21 AM

The compounding pharmacy I use is highly respected, & also provides compounded "human meds".

11/1/2011 11:37:31 AM

The FDA drug companies screw up too.....

11/1/2011 11:00:41 AM