Shock Wave for Chronic Injury

Have you had any experience with focused shock wave therapy for treating chronic injuries in your horse(s)?


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It did not help at all.

4/11/2011 3:01:43 PM

expensive; successful (after Lyme treatement)

4/8/2011 8:49:12 PM

1997, bad rhino flu shot that resulted in an abscess.

4/8/2011 10:36:40 AM

old lesson horse, not forward lethargic did bk hocks now a speedster!!!!

4/8/2011 8:54:59 AM

worked very well on my aged Morgans tendons

4/7/2011 10:08:10 PM

Costed a lot of money, didn't really help a great deal as it wasn't the actual problem

4/7/2011 8:22:59 PM


4/7/2011 5:11:58 PM

not convinced it is real

4/7/2011 4:17:33 PM

Used on suspensory ligament 3X at 2 week intervals

4/7/2011 3:33:31 PM

Racehorse w/tiny canon bone crack. Treated several time& rested,but not sucessful.

4/7/2011 3:04:14 PM

deep digital tear/lesion. did not see great improvement after 3 treatments.

4/7/2011 2:23:11 PM

Utilized this tratment several times; very successful in treating and reducing lameness.

4/7/2011 1:59:31 PM

I would be interested to know how effective this really is.

4/6/2011 8:41:10 PM

Get real. Horses are so cheap right now, it's not worth the cost.

4/6/2011 8:25:14 PM

My friend had shock wave administered to her barrrel horse. It did not prove successful.

4/6/2011 4:55:03 PM

Worked well-expensive but covered by insurance

4/6/2011 3:36:57 PM

Healed a severe tendon injury in a Reiner six weeks before the major competition of the year, won!

4/6/2011 2:59:54 PM

loved it!

4/6/2011 2:54:15 PM

Costly and did not seem to have any effect on my horse

4/6/2011 10:34:02 AM

No w/ horse, Yes with myself - thought it was useless

4/6/2011 10:06:14 AM

It was offered by my vet for a tendon injury, but I went with PRP and stem cell.

4/6/2011 9:56:48 AM

Didn*t work. due to the horse' conformation Narrow hoof)

4/6/2011 7:22:53 AM

by relieving the pain of the torn suspensory, the pony reinjured itself. I'd not do it again

4/6/2011 6:41:48 AM

treated a strained suspensory in front leg...worked great !!

4/6/2011 4:41:50 AM

yes tendon problem. worked very well

4/6/2011 12:45:39 AM

Have had it on myself, worked extremely well-have seen it demo'd on a horse.

4/5/2011 10:39:37 PM

however have heard is unfortunately used to dull and numb pain pre-race which I think is disgusting

4/5/2011 9:41:58 PM

arthritis and bone spur

4/5/2011 9:34:47 PM

We found an old track injury on my OTTB that was undisclosed to me. Worked perfectly. Lesion is 100%

4/5/2011 9:07:11 PM

sounds expensive..

4/5/2011 9:02:23 PM

My horse had bone spurs on his navicular. Three treatments took care of the problem.

4/5/2011 8:39:55 PM

Yes to help break up scar tissue in my horses knee. He remained sound for several years after.nd

4/5/2011 7:55:37 PM

for navicular..brought some relief after 3 treatments, but not enough to justify the cost

4/5/2011 7:06:05 PM

For lameness due to a stretch injury to the lateral branch of the suspensory.

4/5/2011 7:02:43 PM

Luckily, mine have never suffered injuries that needed this treatment.

4/5/2011 6:50:24 PM

It didn't seem to help and was very expensive

4/5/2011 5:37:37 PM

It was offered to me, but was WAY too expensive (and I'm not "cheap" when it comes to the horses!).

4/5/2011 5:36:20 PM

I don't use my horses that could result in 'chronic' injuries...

4/5/2011 5:16:48 PM

helped with bruised hind suspensory

4/5/2011 5:07:23 PM

Used on a deep flexor tendon tear in RF. Horse now completely sound. 6 mo. complete stall rest

4/5/2011 5:03:30 PM

Torn suspensory ligament in the lower lateral branch. 3 x shock wave no improvement.

4/5/2011 4:55:29 PM

plasma rich platelet injections and shock wave therapy,bowed tendon 100% sound in 6 mos!

4/5/2011 4:51:33 PM

we have used it for splints, a small tendon injury and suspensory damage

4/5/2011 4:45:37 PM

Worked very well for soreness. Used prior to the World show this year and was worth the cost .

4/5/2011 4:39:24 PM

for proximal suspensary desmitis; but didn't help. Trying stem cell therapy.

4/5/2011 4:22:15 PM

3 treatments before & after surgery for suspensory. Helped quite a bit.

4/5/2011 4:18:30 PM

Both ultrasound and cold laser for suspensory ligament sprain

4/5/2011 4:06:58 PM

Older lesion of hind susp. body- it worked great!

4/5/2011 4:03:53 PM

Successful treatment for low ringbone. Improved comfort!

4/5/2011 3:47:30 PM

Used on a deep digital flexor. Reduced lameness significantly.

4/5/2011 3:45:32 PM

For surface ringbone, performed by a skilled practitioner; it was not successful

4/5/2011 3:35:11 PM

I have a 12 year old arabian that I use for endurance. He tore a suspensory at a ride. Had 3 shock

4/5/2011 3:30:29 PM

3 treatments for PSD

4/5/2011 3:23:57 PM

was offered that, but chose PRP instead.

4/5/2011 3:10:37 PM

Used it on same leg for two different issues(sesimoditis&high suspendsory)Great success!

4/5/2011 2:57:38 PM

It was used successfully on my filly

4/5/2011 2:56:45 PM

Don't know what it is

4/5/2011 2:55:28 PM

S I joint

4/5/2011 2:43:36 PM

Chronic stifle problem fairly good results

4/5/2011 2:43:21 PM

I'm about to have it done on my horse with a torn tendon. I'll be looking to see what others say.

4/5/2011 2:34:31 PM

After 3 shock wave treatments my horse was sound. He had an inflammed annular ligament

4/5/2011 2:29:42 PM

Not with my own horses. I know many people that have used it on their horses and it helped.

4/5/2011 12:49:59 PM

It helped dramatically both times, with physical therapy and great management involved

4/5/2011 12:24:44 PM

lower back in 10 yr old cutting horse, S3/4/5 were fusing w/addl bone created, causing horse to kick

4/5/2011 11:11:48 AM

Haven't needed it...thankfully my horse has been injury free since he started competing.

4/5/2011 9:17:12 AM

Very useful treatment option for tendon and ligament injury, back pain, foot problems, and chronic w

4/5/2011 8:44:03 AM