Recent News for Behavior & Handling


Poll Recap: Longeing Lessons

April 15, 2014

Of the 797 respondents, 329 (41%) said longeing is a regular part of their horses' fitness program.... Read More


Conditioning and Modifying Horse Behavior

April 13, 2014

An equine behaviorist offers some tips on how to best condition and modify your horse's actions.... Read More


Mare Aggression

April 10, 2014

My mare is very aggressive toward geldings and will kick out when they're close. Why would she react this way?... Read More


Study: Younger Horses Appear Able to Learn by Watching

April 09, 2014

Younger, lower-ranking, and more curious horses are most likely to exhibit social learning, researchers say.... Read More


Managing Mouthiness

April 03, 2014

My gelding is very mouthy. Should this behavior be curbed, and how can I accomplish this? ... Read More


Recognizing Pain on a Horse's Face

April 01, 2014

European researchers created and validated a technique for quantifying horse pain based on facial expressions.... Read More


Conn. Court Decides on Horses' Propensity to Cause Harm

March 28, 2014

The state Supreme Court skirted the issue of whether horses are by nature a vicious species in its ruling.... Read More


Determining Personality

March 27, 2014

How can a horse purchaser check out elements of a horse's character at the purchase exam?... Read More

The work therapy horses such as Elliot perform is priceless; their health and welfare should be, as well.


Therapeutic Riding Horse Health

March 20, 2014

Like any equine athlete, therapy horses require specialized training, care, and management. ... Read More


Rushing a Mare During Breeding

March 20, 2014

What might be causing a stallion to mount a particular mare early, and what can be done about it?... Read More


Univ. of Florida to Offer Online Horse Care Course

March 16, 2014

The course will shed light on the science behind common horse management practices.... Read More


Buck Brannaman on Horse Herd Behavior and Yielding Softly

March 14, 2014

Brannaman said owners need to train their horses to yield softly to their humans--including veterinarians.... Read More


Feeding Time Pawing

March 13, 2014

Do you have any suggestions for stopping a horse from pawing while he is eating his grain?... Read More


Horses Afraid of Other Species

March 06, 2014

We were told that it's dangerous to have pigs with horses. Have you ever heard of this?... Read More


Abnormal Regurgitation

March 03, 2014

What might cause my mare to regurgitate her grain? ... Read More


Rude for Food

February 27, 2014

How do I change a colt's rude behavior at feeding time without scaring him?... Read More


How Vets can Treat 'Untouchable' Horses

February 27, 2014

Treating "untouchable" horses, such as some rodeo stock, is a rare but real challenge for veterinarians.... Read More


Is There a Genetic Basis for Horses' Personalities?

February 23, 2014

Study results suggest there's biologic evidence that a horse's personality is based on his genes.... Read More


Sudden-Onset Cribbing and Headshaking

February 20, 2014

My pony started tossing his head and cribbing at about the same time. What could cause this problem? ... Read More


Study: Horses' Facial Expressions Reflect Taste Preferences

February 19, 2014

Recent research results suggest horses react differently to sweet tastes compared to bitter ones.... Read More


Fear of Cows

February 13, 2014

My horse is terrified of cows. Is there anything I can do to help him?... Read More


Unpredictable Fear

February 06, 2014

Can you explain what "sacking out" is and if you think it would work for a mare with unpredictable fear?... Read More


The Messy Mare

February 03, 2014

Why does my mare return to her stall to urinate and defecate when she has a large run and could do so outside?... Read More


Horses That Are Bonded

January 30, 2014

I've read that uneven numbers aren't good due to pair bonding. Is this true? ... Read More


Trailer Troubles

January 27, 2014

Do you have any recommendations for how we can help a horse overcome a trailer loading problem?... Read More