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Convention Report

Stem Cell Therapy (AAEP Convention 2012)

Learn about stem cell therapy for uterine inflammation, superficial digital flexor tendon injuries, and more.

Convention Report

Top Equine Studies of 2012 (AAEP Convention 2012)

Drs. Fortier, Reed, and McCue present recent study summaries from colic to equine metabolic syndrome.

Convention Report

Veterinary Ethics (AAEP Convention 2012)

Learn about vet-client-patient and vet-farrier relationships, plus ethical issues facing racetrack vets.

Convention Report

Feeding Orphan Foals (AAEP Convention 2012)

Dr. Mary Rose Paradis discusses options and methods for feeding orphan foals.

Convention Report

Lameness (AAEP Convention 2012)

Topics include track surfaces, suspensory, flexion tests, sesamoid, and non-weight-bearing injuries, and more.

Convention Report

Therapeutics and Medicine (AAEP Convention 2012)

Find out about flunixin meglumine for hoof pain; IV and oral bute testing; and a GI drug for use in eye exams.

Convention Report

Diagnostics (AAEP Convention 2012)

Diagnostic testing for insulin issues, lyme disease, L. intracellularis, and respiratory conditions.

Convention Report

Hoof Care and Disease (AAEP Convention 2012)

Learn about club feet, localizing pain, hoof biomechanics, and the role radiographs play in farriery.

Convention Report

2012 Frank J. Milne State-of-the-Art Lecture

Dr. Stephanie Valberg discussed exertional rhabdomyolysis (formerly tying up) at the 2012 Milne lecture.

Fact Sheet

Equine Respiratory System

Equine respiratory system dysfunction is an important cause of exercise intolerance and poor performance.

Special Report

15 Fascinating Facts About Equine Eyes

Can horses see at night? What colors can they detect? Learn these answers and more in our special report.

Special Report

Next Vet: Spring 2013

In this issue: Specialization, repro in practices, keeping the job fun, and building rapport with clients

Fact Sheet

Failure of Passive Transfer

Failure of passive transfer is the process by which mares pass antibodies on to their foals via the colostrum.

Fact Sheet

Heaves in Horses

Heaves is a chronic, debilitating problem similar to asthma in humans for horses.

Fact Sheet

Rhodococcus equi

Rhodococcus equi is well known for its ability to cause severe pneumonia and more in young foals.

Convention Report

Making Sense of Laminitis

Farriers and vets discussed ways to work together to treat this hoof disease at the 2012 Laminitis Conference.

Fact Sheet

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics are dietary supplements for horses to help prevent or treat certain illnesses.


While You're Away Checklist

Use this handy form to leave your horse and house sitters all the information they need while you're away.

Special Report

Winter Health Concerns

Keep an eye out for these six cold weather conditions horse can be prone to during winter.

Convention Report

2012 AAEP Convention Companion

The AAEP Convention Companion was created especially for attendees of the 2012 AAEP Convention in California.

Fact Sheet

Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM)

Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis is the most commonly diagnosed neurologic disease in horses.

Convention Report

2012 AAEP Conference Preview

A preview of the lectures and presentation that will take place at the 2012 AAEP conference in Anaheim, Calif.

Special Report

10 Tips for Winterizing Your Horse

10 vet-approved tips for keeping your horse healthy and comfortable during the cold season.

Special Report

Next Vet: Fall 2012

Advice about student debt, marketing plans, your fall semester to-do list, and networking vet conferences.

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