Tapeworms Uncovered

The oribatid mite is the intermediate host for equine tapeworms, and it’s nearly impossible to keep oribatid mites away from horses. Tapeworms can threaten your horse’s life, and he picks up oribatid mites while grazing, eating hay, or even in bedding. Oribatid mites are very small—only about a millimeter long. Instead of feeding on insects and blood, they feed on fungi, algae, and dead plant matter in the soil.

Tapeworms can cause inflammation in the gut lining where they attach and may actually block passage of food through the GI tract, as they can grow up to three inches long.

Learn how to tell your horse has tapeworms and what you can do about it. This free report provides the horse owner and caretaker with an overview of the importance of preventing and treating tapeworms.