Erica Larson, News Editor

Erica Larson, News Editor, holds a degree in journalism with an external specialty in equine science from Michigan State University in East Lansing. A Massachusetts native, she grew up in the saddle and has dabbled in a variety of disciplines including foxhunting, saddle seat, and mounted games. Currently, Erica competes in three-day eventing with her OTTB, Dorado, and enjoys photography in her spare time.

Articles by Erica Larson

How to Care for Aging Equids' Teeth

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Are We Prepared for African Horse Sickness?

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Owner Participation Sought for Equine Disease Research

Researchers are seeking owner input for a study aimed at evaluating the economic impact of equine disease outbreaks. Read More

Managing and Preventing Transport-Associated Fever

Most horses travel without incident, but some develop fevers that could point to potentially dangerous health problems. Read More

Factors Influencing Jumping Horses' Performance Reviewed

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Choosing Corticosteroids for RAO: Systemic or Inhaled?

Which option is better? Study results suggest it depends on the horse and the severity of his condition. Read More

Quebec Horse Tests Positive for EHV-1

Ontario officials say it's unclear whether the horse is affected by the neuropathogenic or non-neuropathogenic strain. Read More

Preventing Injuries in Thoroughbred Racehorses

One vet suggests using careful planning, management, screening, and education to reduce catastrophic fracture risk. Read More

Kentucky Reports Third Equine WNV Case of 2014

The unvaccinated 26-year-old grade gelding from Marshall County was euthanized after becoming recumbent. Read More

How to Manage a Collapsed Foal

Here's why you should contact your veterinarian for help with a weak or recumbent foal as soon as possible. Read More

What Causes Equine Grass Sickness?

Scientists are getting closer to determining what toxins could be behind this deadly condition. Read More

Kentucky Reports Second Equine WNV Case of 2014

The affected horse, a 3-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare from Marion County, has been euthanized. Read More

EEE Kills Ohio Horses

Four horses from Ashtabula and Trumbull counties have died from Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). Read More

Optimizing Dressage Horses' Bodies for Peak Performance

From feeding and training to shoeing and warm-up protocols, learn how to keep your dressage horse fit to perform. Read More

WNV Confirmed in Jefferson County, Oregon, Horse

Bend Equine Medical Center reported that it has confirmed West Nile virus (WNV) in a horse residing in Culver. Read More

Vesicular Stomatitis: What You Need to Know

Rarely a late summer or fall week goes by that an animal health authority doesn't report new vesicular stomatitis cases. Read More

Understanding Your Horse's 'Engine' During Exercise

Your horse's heart and respiratory system work hard to power his every stride. Here's what you need to know. Read More

Bute, Firocoxib Compared for Alleviating Hoof Lameness

While Bute was more effective at label dose, one vet says new dosing firocoxib recommendations could impact the results. Read More

Lessons Learned about Equine Welfare

There are no easy answers regarding equine welfare. One vet shares what he's learned from being involved in the issue. Read More

Strangles Signs, Risk Factors, and Complications Evaluated

Classic clinical signs alone aren't the only ones that should prompt a strangles test, researchers learned. Read More

EEE Confirmed in Eastern Ontario Horse

The 12-year old unvaccinated gelding was euthanized after developing fever and neurologic signs. Read More

FEI Tribunal Clears Paget in Doping Scandal

The tribunal said Jock Paget's horse tested positive for reserpine after consuming a contaminated supplement. Read More

Escambia County, Florida, Horse Euthanized due to EEE

The unvaccinated horse was recently euthanized after contracting Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE). Read More

Two Navajo Nation Horses Test Positive for WNV

The Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program said two neurologic horses tested positive on July 25. Read More

Risk Factors for EIPH in Australian Racehorses Studied

Researchers identified longer race distances, low ambient temperatures, and bar shoes as EIPH risk factors. Read More