Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Christa Lesté-Lasserre is a freelance writer based in Paris, France.

Articles by Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Seven Ponies Dead from R. equi Outbreak in Mayotte

Seven ponies have died at an equestrian center located on the Indian Ocean island of Mayotte. Read More

Europe Sees Multiple Outbreaks of EIA

Outbreaks of equine infectious anemia (EIA) have recently occurred in three European countries and are current Read More

Researchers Identify Ancestral Mother of Modern Horses

"Equine Eve," the ancestral mother of all modern horses, probably lived about 140,000 years ago. Read More

Northern Ireland Drafts Equine Welfare Codes

A key change in the 2011 Act is that action can now be taken by authorities to prevent a horse from suffering. Read More

ISES Releases Statement on Noseband Tightness

ISES suggested the traditional "two finger rule" should be applied with nosebands in competitions. Read More

Industry Standards for Frangible Cross-Country Jumps Defined

In order to keep the competition fair breakaway cross-country jumps must follow the new industrial standards. Read More

Horses Get Star Treatment on War Horse Set

"(Spielberg) told us from the beginning that the horse always has to be happy," one production member said. Read More

Noseband Tightness' Effect on Performance Horse Behavior

The amount of tension needed on the reins to maintain contact with the bit varies with noseband tightness. Read More

Effect of Bit Type on Performance Horses Evaluated

Regardless of the bit used, each horse's performance remained constant in the two dressage tests. Read More

Equine Welfare Monitoring System Under Evaluation

The system includes animal-based measurements developed from criteria described in scientific literature. Read More

Study Evaluates Pheromone Gel's Calming Effects on Horses

Horses treated with pheromones were less stressed during cognitive sessions after travel than untreated ones. Read More

Investigative Behavior's Influence on Horse Jumping

Investigative behavior applied to training can help jumping horses gain confidence when faced with new jumps. Read More

Heart Rate's Effect on Equine Performance

A research team found that in young horses, as heart rate increased performance quality decreased. Read More

Can Horses 'Watch and Learn'?

One experiment showed a trend suggesting it was possible, but another refuted that evidence. Read More

Treeless vs. Conventional Saddles: Back Pressure Evaluated

Conventional saddles were much more effective in distributing pressure evenly over the horse's back. Read More

Thoroughbred Stallion Jet Master Dead

Champion South African Thoroughbred racing sire Jet Master died Tuesday from complications from surgery. Read More

Association Between Racehorse Purchase Price and Earnings

In the current study 14.5% of the horses ended up winning back at least their purchase price in race earnings. Read More

Evaluating Horse, Rider Biomechanic Interaction

Researchers are learning about the kind of weight and pressure humans put on different parts of horses' bodies Read More

2011 FEI General Assembly Discusses 'Hot' Topics

Topics discussed include microchips, controversial tack, medication fines, and obligatory postmortem exams. Read More

Proposed FEI 'Blood Rule' Discussion Postponed

The FEI Bureau elected to withdraw the proposed modifications from the agenda of the 2011 General Assembly. Read More

Conventional vs. Natural Training: Which is Less Stressful?

Natural training methods produced fewer signs of stress in young horses at three important stages of training. Read More

Behavioral Differences Between Colts and Fillies Examined

Researchers found a definite trend towards fundamental gender differences in equine behavior. Read More

Hickstead's Death Remains Under Investigation

The sudden death of show jumping champion mount Hickstead could have been caused by a number of factors. Read More

Behavior of Horses With, Without Gastric Ulcers Compared

A study shows that "ulcerated" horses didn't seem to look or act significantly different from healthy horses. Read More

Could Vices in Horses be the Basis for a Legal Battle?

A researcher discusses what counts as an equine vice and where the fault might lie in a court of law. Read More