Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA

Christa Lesté-Lasserre is a freelance writer based in France. A native of Dallas, Texas, Lesté-Lasserre grew up riding Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Shetland Ponies. She holds a master’s degree in English, specializing in creative writing, from the University of Mississippi in Oxford and earned a bachelor's in journalism and creative writing with a minor in sciences from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She currently keeps her two Trakehners at home near Paris. Follow Lesté-Lasserre on Twitter @christalestelas.

Articles by Christa Lesté-Lasserre

French Researchers Work to Improve Horse Health, Welfare

The Hippolia Foundation unites equine research groups for better progress, improved funding opportunities, and more. Read More

Study Examines Method to Reduce Pawing Frequency

It's all about teaching him that if he does something else--even standing still--he'll get a reward, researchers say. Read More

Is That Horse Happy or Sad? His Whinny Will Tell

Researchers say it appears horses can transmit their emotions through their whinnies. Read More

Researchers Identify Wither Height Gene in Shetlands

A particular variant within the HMGA2 gene appears to be related to height determination, scientists determined. Read More

Exmoor Ponies Help Revamp the Czech Republic's Landscape

The researchers hope the ponies help restore the land to the rich and productive territory it was before World War II. Read More

Does Cribbing Help Horses Cope With Stress During Training?

Cribbers allowed to crib during training had reduced stress levels than when they're not allowed to, researchers found. Read More

Maintain Health, Prepare Properly for a Sustainable Athlete

Horses could be more sustainable athletes if riders condition them better and monitor their health and fitness often. Read More

Researchers Study Horses' Facial Expressions

Horses are capable of a wide range of facial expressions that aren't so different from those of humans and chimpanzees. Read More

Do Western Saddles Distribute Pressure Evenly?

While Western saddles had uneven pressure distribution, study horses showed no signs of saddle-related discomfort. Read More

Frightening Stimuli: Does Distance or Direction Matter?

It doesn't matter where a scary object comes from--if it's going to scare the horse, it's going to scare the horse. Read More

Glanders Detected at 2016 Olympic Equestrian Facilities

A horse at the site tested positive in April, but officials say the diagnosis isn't necessarily cause for concern. Read More

Dopamine and Horses: Learning, Stereotypies, and More

Without dopamine, horses wouldn't learn. But with too much, they can develop stereotypies. Here's what you need to know. Read More

Who's the Herd Leader? It Depends, Researchers Say

Researchers determined that the dominant horse is rarely the one who takes the first steps to get the herd moving. Read More

Swiss Researcher Shares Equine Welfare Innovations

These new devices meet the demands for optimum animal welfare while keeping human management capacities in mind. Read More

Researchers Study Horses' Fearfulness and Learning Ability

While fearfulness might seem like a negative trait, it can be quite beneficial in some scenarios, scientists found. Read More

Can We Determine Foals' Learning Abilities?

Researchers tried several methods by which to measure foals' learning abilities with mixed results. Read More

Are Unshod Dressage Horses at a Competitive Disadvantage?

Some riders believe shoes help give a dressage horse better gaits; scientists have found that idea to be mostly a myth. Read More

Researchers Compare Different Types of Horses' Temperaments

Factors such as age, breed, discipline, and more can impact a horse's temperament, scientists found. Read More

A Look at Switzerland's Equine Protection Laws

Switzerland is a leader in animal rights legislation, and the impact on horse management is significant. Read More

French Show Jumping Mare Injured in Stall at Show

Quismy des Vaux*HDC was injured in her stall overnight when a neighboring stallion escaped from his stall. Read More

Researchers Examine Horses' Social Statuses

Dominant horses are typically older, larger, and less fearful than other horses in a herd, researchers found. Read More

Common Equine Abortion Causes Reviewed

While we can't prevent all abortions, knowing the risks can help us prepare for and, in some cases, reduce the hazards. Read More

Study: Enrichment can Improve Hospitalized Horses' Welfare

"Enriched" clinics could help improve equine welfare, leading to quicker healing times and safer environments for staff. Read More

Predicting Atypical Myopathy Survival

Specific bloodwork showed differences between horses with atypical myopathy that survived and those that died. Read More

When do Broodmares at Pasture Need Supplemental Feed?

If mares graze pastures down to below five centimeters, it might be time to supplement with grain, researchers say. Read More