Christa Lesté-Lasserre, MA

Christa Lesté-Lasserre is a freelance writer based in France. A native of Dallas, Texas, Lesté-Lasserre grew up riding Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, and Shetland Ponies. She holds a master’s degree in English, specializing in creative writing, from the University of Mississippi in Oxford and earned a bachelor's in journalism and creative writing with a minor in sciences from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. She currently keeps her two Trakehners at home near Paris. Follow Lesté-Lasserre on Twitter @christalestelas.

Articles by Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Risk Mitigation Strategies for High-Performance Horses

The OIE has described management "pillars" to keep most diseases at bay for high-health, high-performance horses. Read More

Deworming Drug Resistance in Ethiopian Working Horses

The study evaluated the effectiveness of ivermectin and fenbendazole, as well as owners' deworming practices. Read More

Researchers Develop Saliva-Based Equine Tapeworm Test

This could encourage the use of targeted deworming programs to help reduce parasite resistance, scientists said. Read More

Indoor Arena Dust: Damaging to Horse and Rider

Dusty arenas could be compromising your respiratory health, right along with your horse's. Read More

Are Foals of Obese Mares At Risk for Musculoskeletal Issues?

Overweight mares often produce heavier foals, which studies have shown are at-risk for musculoskeletal disorders. Read More

PAAG Showing Promise as Arthritis Pain Reliever for Horses

Researchers believe polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) could have a long-lasting cushioning effect on arthritic joints. Read More

Limb Sensors for Equine Diagnostics, Performance Evaluations

Researchers say inertial measurement units could aid in more accurate veterinary diagnoses and performance evaluations. Read More

Study: Management Practices Can Help OCD Lesions Resolve

How young horses are fed and housed can impact how osteochondral lesions evolve, and even help them heal. Read More

Equus, Hippidion Shared Common Ancestors

The Hippidion genus descended from a common ancestor of modern-day horses, but didn't survive to the present. Read More

Researchers Evaluate Parasite Patterns in Feral Horses

Overall horses coped well with parasites. But the heavier the parasite load, the lower the horse's body condition score. Read More

Special Shirt, Girth Help Evaluate Horse, Human Interaction

Riders might soon be able to monitor their horses' physiological emotional responses and compare them with their own. Read More

Scientists Revisit Historic Exercise Research in Racehorses

Scientists are highlighting early 20th century studies and Japanese researchers who were well ahead of their time. Read More

Study: Post-Exercise Snacks Benefit Horses

Allow exercised horses to eat and drink after cooling down to restore lost water and energy, researchers say. Read More

Study Reveals Working Donkey Pain Behavior

Researchers have confirmed that donkeys have far more subtle ways of expressing pain than horses. Read More

Which Horse Bedding Harbors the Least Bacteria?

Researchers found that, of the beddings tested, pine shavings were most effective at inhibiting bacterial growth. Read More

Scientists Study Facial Expressions of Pain in Ridden Horses

Ridden horses express pain through facial behaviors differently from horses at rest, one researcher says. Read More

New Nonsurgical Equine Sterilization Technique in the Works

While the actual product might still be several years away, researchers are currently testing "promising technologies." Read More

MSTN Gene: Not Just for Evaluating Racehorse Potential

The gene appears to affect horses' muscular ability to carry out specific gaits, such as the tolt in Icelandics. Read More

Thinking Like a Horse

By gaining a better understanding of how horses associate and learn, can we train them more effectively and ethically? Read More

Study: Cowpox Behind Mare's Late-Term Abortion

Equine cowbox infections are extremely rare, with only two other cases ever reported. Read More

A Virus Might Help Horse Wounds Heal

Specific proteins from the 'orf' virus could help improve wound healing, scientists found, but more research is needed. Read More

Do Probiotics Help Prevent Foal Diarrhea?

The probiotic researchers tested had "disappointing" results, but not all studies have yielded negative results. Read More

Scientists Find Genes Behind Crooked Legs in Shetland Ponies

A hereditary disease--skeletal atavism--leads to disturbed skeletal development and usually requires euthanasia. Read More

Is an Equine IBH Vaccine on the Horizon?

A recently developed vaccine induced high antibody levels and immune responses (signs of immunity) in naive horses. Read More

Evolution of Italy's Horse Breeds Studied

Italian horses are product of diversity coming from across Europe, Asia, and northern Africa, researchers found. Read More